Storing Military Gear & Equipment in Less Space

mobilized wire security cages on tracksVarious types of military gear and equipment are often stored in padlocked security cased for different military divisions. In this installation, wire gear cages were mounted on mobile carriages that move back and forth on top of rails to eliminate empty aisles. These mobilized wire security cages were able to save space for storing military gear and equipment while improving security, organization, and accessibility. Click here to learn more about mobile compact warehouse racks.

Mobilized Wire Cages: Organized, Compact, & Secure

Both a powered mobile system and a mechanical-assist mobile system with hand crank operation were installed to house the military gear and equipment. Powered units are used by the “owners” of the warehouse who access gear frequently. The “tenants” of the warehouse are made up of different departments that need more temporary storage space and/or space that is accessed infrequently enough that it can be stored offsite.

save space for storing military gear & equipment with compact mobile wire cagesTo access stored materials, users simply push a button (for the powered systems) or turn the three-spoke ergonomic hand crank (for the mechanical-assist systems) to open the desired aisle. While 64% of warehouse space is taken up by access aisles instead of usable storage space, the mobilized wire security cages are able to convert static aisles into dynamic movable storage without sacrificing accessibility or security. Multiple aisles can also be moved at once depending on the activity levels of an application.

Any type of new or pre-existing industrial shelving, wire cages, pallet racks, and more can be mounted on the mobile carriages. The mobilized wire security cages also offer enhanced protection and safety for stored military gear and equipment. Stored materials are locked up, and safety features prevent the aisles from being closed on any users or obstructions in the aisles.

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