Military war gear lockers provide easier access to belongings 

military war gear lockersWhen a call to serve is dispatched to a branch of the armed forces, servicemen and women must leap into action in a hurry and, more often then not, don’t have the luxury of wasting time looking for their gear.Take the worry of misplaced gear or lost property away by introducing and encouraging the use of military war gear lockers. By having these combat storage and shelving cabinets at their disposal, members of the military will be given peace of mind that their combat gear, equipment and personal effects are kept in a centralized, secure location. It also creates more floor space, which can be used to store additional resources and equipment and provides easier access to personal belongings when duty calls. This will improve response time, especially if called to a crisis. Click here to see how the use of military war gear lockers lead to award-winning recognition.

Combat storage and shelving cabinets design helps better preserve, identify stored items

These military war gear lockers can be assembled with diamond perforated mesh, solid or louvered doors. The diamond perforated mesh doors add character to these combat storage and shelving cabinets. Its unique design allows air to circulate naturally, helping to ventilate the contents held inside the military war gear lockers. This helps to preserve the condition of the gear and protects it from deteriorating due to unforeseen weather conditions or damage sustained while in battle. Stored items can be easily seen and more quickly identified since the doors are pierced with holes. Check here to find out how one branch of the military used combat storage and shelving cabinets to prevent property loss

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Optional features provide additional security

combat storage and shelving cabinetsBuilt-in label holders can also be added to the front of these military war gear lockers. This optional feature will come in handy in the unfortunate event that personal property needs to be returned to loved ones because of an officer’s death. There are also Hasp only (padlock) keyed combination or electronic locks available for added security and privacy.

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