Fast & Fully-Loaded Military Transport

military mobile deployment containerMilitary officers need to be fast and efficient during storage and deployment operations, but multiple factors can prevent this from being the case. Most storage systems leave military warehouses crowded and disorganized, staging for deployment can take weeks, and gear can become damaged during transport. Military mobile deployment containers are designed for fully-loaded transport without the need for unpacking and re-packing and can be done in hours instead of weeks. Read on to learn more. Click here to learn more about military deployment equipment.

Deployment Containers Without Re-Packing

The mobile deployment containers are a complete solution for military warehouse optimization while maintaining 100%  enabling secure and rapid deployment with no need to re-pack. When it’s time to deploy, the containers can be forklifted and placed in shipping containers quickly and easily.

These deployment containers include shelves and lockable panels or doors that can be transported fully-loaded by any mode of military transport, including airlift, truck, ship, or sling-loading. The ability to avoid unpacking and re-packing during deployment saves valuable time and allows officers to maintain standard operating procedures during missions. See more military solutions

Additional benefits include:

  • fully loaded transport military deployment containerMultiple configurations and features to fit your unique requirements
  • Maximized cube-out of military transport containers & platforms
  • Mobility
    • Toplift: Accommodates crane, helicopter, UNREP
    • Land, Sea, & Air: Supports all modes of strategic transport
    • Intermodal: Seamless transition from one method of transport to another
    • 4-way forklift capability
  • Flexibility
  • Movable
  • Stackable; self-centering corners ensure safety & efficiency
  • Adjustable
  • Tool & bolt free component assembly, disassembly, or reconfiguration
  • Security
    • Lockable with padlocks
    • External attachment points to secure cage with cargo straps
    • Internal attachment points to secure cargo
  • Durable galvanized steel withstands severe climates, handling, and corrosion
  • Can be mounted on mobile pallet racks for more warehouse space savings & efficiency
  • Configurations & types available:
    • Deployment lockers
    • Hazmat lockers
    • Container warehouse
    • Wheel cages & heavy-duty wheel cages
    • Tactical baskets
    • Small, medium, & large containers

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