gear storage with wire mesh military lockers

An air force base’s Special Operations Wing needed special military storage lockers for storing their flight gear. The base decided to install TA-50 wire military-grade storage lockers for storing gear for their operations.

air force base installs wire military-grade storage lockers for storing flight gearThe gear storage lockers needed to not only hold standard-issue uniforms and flight suits but also needed to hold additional gear like flight helmets and oxygen masks specific to their special operations. Before the wire military-grade storage lockers were installed, all of their expensive gear was piled in one large room with little to no actual organization system set in place. Some of the packs would be hanging on hooks in the wall, but anyone had full access to anyone else’s gear at any time while they were in the gear room. This was obviously dangerous and left a lot of room for liability. A storage locker was designed that would help with the air force base’s specific storage needs of all their military gear on site.

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The TA-50 wire military-grade storage lockers were designed using a basic gear storage locker design with some additional options to meet the needs of the servicemen of the special operations wing. The lockers required two major differences from the normal configuration; first, a special compartment was constructed to lock up all of the servicemen’s personal belongings while they were out on missions. Second, a compartment was added to the lockers to hold briefcases, cell phones, wallets, and other small personal items, as well as an additional shelf specifically designed to hold flight helmets.

The TA-50 wire lockers were shipped fully assembled so the on-site installer only had to remove the finished lockers and set them in place. Installation was quick and easy since the lockers only needed to be unloaded and anchored to the floor.

Other features of the wire mesh storage lockers include:wire military-grade storage lockers store flight gear for air force base

  • Standard size is 24″ deep x 42″ wide x 78″ high, but lockers can be made to fit any requirements
  • Wire mesh on front and sides of locker in 2″ square 10 gauge welded wire or 1-1/2″ 13 gauge flattened expanded metal; other materials available on request
  • Available materials include welded wire, woven wire, expanded metal, or sheet metal
  • Secure hatches can be installed within the locker for added security of gear and personal items
  • Fixed and folding shelves can be added within lockers
  • Tubular or angle structural frame available
  • Full line of sliding and hinged doors to choose from
  • Standard 3/8″ hardware heaviest in the industry
  • Heavy-duty options available
  • Helmet and equipment inspection hatches
  • Coat and duffle bag hang bars
  • Can be shipped set-up or knocked down
  • Multiple customization options

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