Smart RFID capable long gun lockers control access to firearms

smart rfid capable gun lockersTechnology-driven devices for tracking the use and location of firearms are popping up all over the place. This includes smart RFID capable long gun lockers for audit trail and reporting functionality. This newly-innovative storage system serves to help law enforcement keep better track of weapons used by patrolmen. Badges used to gain access to the police department also serve as the gateway to open these keyless-entry operated lockers, providing controlled access to firearms. Click here to see more public safety storage solutions.

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Thanks to advancements in forensic science and the development of the national DNA database known as CODIS, the jobs of law enforcement officers, crime scene investigators, and forensic pathologists have become a little less difficult when it comes to solving crimes. However, they are still miles behind when it comes to the issue of gun control. Unlike CODIS, which helps law enforcement officials match criminals to investigative crimes through the process of DNA comparison, no directory for tracking the whereabouts of guns exists. This means they must work the old-fashioned way when investigating the history and movement of firearms. It is a painstaking process involving telephone correspondence with gun manufacturers and dealers, as well as the sorting and reviewing of disorganized records that usually lead nowhere. This is because many firearms, no matter how big or small, have a short paper trail attached to them when traded or sold. The tide in regards to the issue of gun control is changing, however. In addition to smart RFID capable long gun lockers for audit trail and reporting functionality, we offer lockers to meet your personal and gear storage needs.

How smart RFID capable long gun lockers work

for audit trailRFID capable long gun lockers with tracking capabilities work by keeping a running tally or history of when each storage unit is accessed.  At the end of shift, officers simply place their weapons such as long guns and assault rifles into their respective lockers by using a pocket-sized, keyless-magnetic badge or FOB. Access history is then collected by using a hand-held device similar to a mobile phone. The history is captured when the device is waved at the locker while standing directly in front of it. With assistance from a USB cable, the data is then transferred onto a computer for reading and report analysis. It serves to provide departmental managers and supervisors with a visibly-enhanced, physical account of movement and usage for improved tracking of firearms. It also ensures patrolmen are following proper procedures when stowing weapons while off duty.

Features of smart RFID capable long gun lockers

and reporting functionalityThese powder-coated, steel-made narrow and tall-shaped smart RFID capable long gun lockers for audit trail and reporting functionality are designed to meet your departmental needs. Choose from one of two options, including a locker measuring 12-feet deep to store a single long gun or a more depth-extended unit with the capacity to store up to three long guns. Some features include:

  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Neoprene Rubber Edge Protection
  • Neoprene Rubber Mat
  • Tracking ability not included; available upon request

With the use of these smart RFID capable long gun lockers, police departments everywhere will have a safe and secure place to store their long guns. The need for keeping them in patrol cars will become obsolete. And, hopefully, lead to a reduction in the number of weapon-related thefts reported annually. Lockers for storing evidence are also available, in addition to smart RFID capable long gun lockers.

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