Managing Armory Inventory is Quick, Precise and Secure

RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring Software makes managing armory inventory quick, precise, and secure. The software tracks and monitors inventory as it is issued, returned, and stored so you can have a complete and efficient chain of custody. All assets are tracked from when they are first issued until they are returned, and the software monitors personnel access to the assets. RFID chips are placed within each asset and RFID antennas are placed at each exchange window. The software uses a touch screen monitor put at every window to monitor each transaction.

asset tracking and monitoring software for armory inventory

Issuing and Returning with the RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring Software

checking inventory in and out with rfid asset tracking and monitoring softwareTo issue an asset, the process begins with a Common Access Card (CAC). The personnel requesting a weapon, ammunition, or equipment presents their card to the armorer, who then scans it into the RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring Software. The software will displays the individual’s default post and what they are required to carry to that post. The status window is unique to each personnel and informs the armorer of the person’s arms status; weapon certification statuses; whether he or she currently has any equipment; and what post he or she will be going next. As soon as the individual’s status is confirmed, the armorer issues assets through the exchange widow and the RFID antennas automatically detect what is being issued and confirm it on the screen.

To return an asset, the armorer scans the individual’s CAC. Once that happens, the RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring Software confirms the transaction is a return and displays all the assets the individual has assigned to them. The individual will then pass the assets they are returning through the exchange window and the RFID antennas track them while providing a confirmation that everything has been returned.managing armory inventory with a portable rfid scanner

Taking Inventory of Weapons with the RFID Armory Management System

The RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring Software also reduces the time it takes to count inventory. Usually, when counting inventory in an armory it takes about three man hours. With the RFID portable scanner, it takes 10 minutes or less. All the armorer has to do is wave the scanner over each storage shelf and the scanner does all the work to detect and count each asset in the armory. Once the scanner is reconnected to the RFID Asset Tracking & Monitoring Software, it’s updated with the location of all inventoried assets.

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