highly secure storage & Tracking of pistols, handguns, and ammo

high security automated controlled storage for storing & tracking weaponsWeapons storage for police and government officials needs to be highly secure, controlled, and reliable. High security automated controlled storage provides storing and tracking of pistols, handguns, and ammo for when they need to be stored in government buildings and offices. The high-security system also provides real-time information and audit tracking so you can be in full control of your weapons inventory at all times. Click here to learn more about proper gun storage.

how high security automated controlled storage works

The high-security cabinets and drawers can be accessed through an identification of your choice: fingerprint, proximity card, or username and password. High-security items are deposited in a separate, sealed compartment. Each user can only select the items

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 he or she is authorized for; the other items are restricted. When an authorized user selects an item from the list, the drawer will open and the specific bin that contains the item will pop up automatically while the rest of the items remained sealed and secure. Every transaction is documented and captured by a wireless camera available for viewing at any time. As an administrator, the system will also allow you to decide which users will be able to access each stored item, and when. You can also set a due date that will alert you if the item has not been returned on time. The alert can be sent to you, the user, a different manager, and any other persons you define. Using the high-security automated storage units, the storage and tracking of pistols, handguns, ammo, and other items can be done quickly, efficiently, and automatically. Click here to see more public safety storage solutions.

benefits of high security automated controlled storage & tracking

There are many other benefits of the high security automated and controlled storage for tracking pistols, handguns, ammo, and other sensitive items that need to be highly secured.

tracking storing pistols handguns ammo

  • The automated system functions independently, saving human resources
  • Immediate detection of stored item with no searching time required
  • Full control and awareness of inventory
  • Ability to manage the duration of each use
  • Automated documentation of every transaction attempt for increased control
  • Alerting system and security measures for a variety of security scenarios
  • Ability to connect to the system from any remote station
  • A variety of different-sized compartments available: 5″x5″, 15″x5″, 15″x15″, 15″x20″

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services to government buildings and offices that need high-security storage units and tracking for pistols, handguns, ammo, and other sensitive inventories. For more information or to speak with a weapons storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.