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Spacesaver® XTend™ Mobile High Bay Shelving offers libraries, governments, and other businesses a way to store their books and archival records. As real estate becomes more expensive, businesses are investing in offsite archival depository storage for boxes, inactive books, and even evidence. The question becomes, how can these libraries, government agencies, and other businesses manage both their active and inactive storage to maximize operating efficiencies? The answer is XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving. (View High Bay Shelving Images)

Spacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving Maximizes Offsite Storage Space so You Have More Onsite Space 

The Mobile High Bay Shelving is a high-density storage system that stretches very high vertically while maintaining the same space-saving principle of eliminating access aisles in a traditional high-density storage system. Here are some other features of the Mobile High Bay Shelving:Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract

  • High Capacity/High-Efficiency Storage: The shelving reaches up to 35 feet high with up to 30 storage tiers of shelves.
  • Heavy-duty Steel Shelving: Designed specifically for archival storage the heavy-duty shelves are easily adjustable in 1/64” increments.
  • Protective Safety Features: The Photo Sweep® safety system stops carriage motion instantly when a person or object is detected in an open-access aisle.
  • High Retrieval Efficiency: Integrated floor guidance wires guide high-lift order picker vehicles efficiently in aisles for quick retrieval of stored items.
  • Engineered for Safe and Extended Use: Rugged mobile carriages with precision machined of solid steel, 6” diameter wheels roll smoothly to prevent binding and premature wear. DC motors ensure soft starts and soft stops and eliminate jarring and jostling of stored materials.
  • Easy User Operation: Three simple buttons control all XTend system movement and an infrared remote option maximizes user convenience.

xtend-mobile-high-bay-shelving-archival-depositorySpacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Spacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving:

  • Space Efficient: can condense your archive storage floor space by as much 80%.
  • Cost-effective: maximizes space to avoid excessive construction costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: is space-efficient, saving on energy and ongoing operating costs.
  • Customizable: is flexible and modifiable to meet the unique requirements of your storage facility.
  • Protects Stored Materials: is approved for fire safety by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and integrates with early fire suppression providing fast response to sprinklers to greatly minimize the risk of fire damage.

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