High-Bay Archival Shelving Storage for the Future

archival high bay shelving system stores library volumesToday, libraries are changing. Many of them are replacing their static storage with dynamic solutions, since libraries are quickly transitioning to collaborative, social, technologically advanced spaces, not just a house for printed materials. One university library realized this quickly, and came to the conclusion that they could set aside approximately 30,000 square feet of library space around campus for study spaces, technological enhancements, and updated library services by using alternative space for shelving and materials. The solution was a high-bay archival shelving system that would be capable of storing 1.2 million library volumes in one compact space. Click here to watch a video about how high-bay archival shelving systems work.

More Efficient Storage & Retrieval of Archival Library Items

Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract Though the library was digitizing many of their collections, they knew that there would always be a need for physical resources and storage. They wanted to keep the materials they currently possessed while also retaining the capacity needed to collect additional materials, as well as keep those materials safe and usable.

Since their warehouse is 10,000 square feet, they needed the most efficient way to store as many volumes as possible. A high-bay archival shelving system with 12 movable carriages (each 18.5’ high and over 60’ long) was installed in the library’s book storage warehouse. The archival shelving provides 5,300 usable shelves that each have a maximum capacity of 768 pounds. Most importantly, the entire system has an estimated capacity of over 1.2 million volumes, which means that the library has more than enough space for future storage as well.high bay archival shelving libraries

The high-bay archival shelves feature three movable bays, which allows one staff member to retrieve materials in one unit while still having access to the other two units. Fully adjustable shelves optimize storage density within the bays. Custom carts were also constructed that allow staff to easily access materials and also double as a workspace. The carts allow users to load and unload the volumes while they’re in the picker and provide maximum efficiency since the carts are able to go up to the bays with them. The staff is able to have their work trays readily available while still having space for writing or anything else they might need to do.

It was also ensured that the high-bay archival shelving system would work in tandem with the facility’s existing infrastructure, including climate control needs and fire suppression systems. The aisle floors were also outfitted with wire guidance rails that automatically glide the order picker to prevent any damage or injuries while the lift is in operation. The warehouse currently holds 1.5 miles of volumes and is expected to take several years to fill the estimated storage capacity.

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