High Density Metal Shelving Solves Library Space Problems

High Density Metal Shelving Storing Library Books

An Army medical information center was facing a storage problem that hundreds of libraries face each year; the library had run out of space. High Density Metal Shelving used for storing library books, journals, and periodicals was able to solve their storage problem in less space. Not only did the High Density Metal Shelving maximize floor space, the Army was able to increase their storage capacity in the library using their existing library shelving. (High Density Metal Shelving Images)

Storing Library Books Periodicals Journals Using Less Floor Space

Metal Shelving for Storing Library Books Periodicals Journals

Meeting the information needs of the library’s users and keeping the research collection up to date with the latest information had caused disorganization and overcrowding of shelves in the library. After looking for remote space and researching the cost to add building space, the medical center decided that High Density Metal Shelving represented the best solution to their storage problem. The library installed three High Density Metal Shelving systems and used existing six storage level metal shelving units to reduce costs.

As a result of the High Density Metal Shelving, the Army’s medical information center was able to double its storage capacity without adding any floor space. Because of the new High Density Metal Shelving, the library was able to reorganize the collection providing room for future growth where needed. Best of all none of the essential research and study space was sacrificed for storage. see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

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