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High school library design is all about melding form and function. When you are designing high school libraries, you have to take into account that you should offer students all the resources they need while making sure the library itself looks aesthetically pleasing and inviting. A big part of creating the ideal library is the choices you make for shelving and furniture. We provide Library Shelving and Furniture for architects designing high school libraries that will meet all of these requirements. (view pictures of Library Shelving and Furniture)

Customized Library Design with Our Library Shelving and Furniture

An Arkansas public residential high school for gifted and talented programs in mathematics, science, and the arts worked with a local architect to design the new student dorm building on their campus, which included a library. Southwest Solutions Group’s, Justin Story, worked with the architect and high school to help with planning and designing the Library Shelving and Furniture.

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See specifications and pricing for library shelving, art racks, bookcases.  Various options for wall mounted shelving for books may include a wall mounted shelf, floating bookshelf, hanging bookshelf, open shelf.

Some of the features of the high school library shelving and furniture include,

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  • The bottom three library bookshelves on the bookstacks are angled up to make it easier for students to read the titles (the rest of the shelves are flat to easily house reading materials).
  • All of the Library Book Shelving has integral low backs with adjustable bookends.
  • The periodical Library Shelving displays the current issue of a magazine on a hinged shelf. Back issues of magazines are stacked and stored on a flat shelf located behind the hinged display shelf.
  • Counter-high library shelving for storing media in pull-out DVD/CD browsing boxes.
  • Laminated and self-edged end panels in the color African Limba were added throughout the library to create a sophisticated appearance.

Contact Us for Help Designing High School Libraries

Southwest Solutions Group® assists architects in designing high school libraries by providing them with Library Shelving and Furniture that will enhance their library design to make it an impressive and efficient space. Give us a call at 1-800-803 or send us a message, and we will put you in touch with the Library Shelving and Furniture expert in your area.


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