Library Uses Compact Mobile Bookstacks

compact mobile bookstacks maximize space at the university law libraryA university built a new building for their law library. While the building was new, the footprint was still very small. To make the best use of their limited space, the law library incorporated compact mobile bookstacks. The compact mobile bookstacks allowed the law library to store all of their collection in the new building, have extra space for study areas, and keep the collection centralized.

Why the Law Library Needed A Better Storage Solution

The university’s law library offers more than 500,000 volumes, making it one of the biggest in the country. As the law school and library expanded over the years, it outgrew its previous space on campus, which is why the new building was constructed. see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

And although the building is new, it is not tremendously large, making compact mobile bookstacks the right choice for storage. Because without the mobile bookstacks, the law library would have needed to discard more than 40 percent of their collection or pay to store it off-site.

How the Compact Mobile Bookstacks Improved Collection Storage

library book collection stored in the compact mobile bookstacksThe compact mobile bookstacks are located throughout the third through-six-floor stack areas and house more than 80 percent of the law library’s collection. The mobile bookstacks feature elegant custom wood end panels, designed to match the rich interior features and furnishings of the library.

Using the compact mobile bookstacks ensured there was ample room remaining for comfortable seating, study spaces, a reading room, study tables, and a computer room. Also, because control over the collection was important to library administrators, the compact bookstacks allowed them to contain the collection in a defined and monitored area.

Safety is never a concern in the bookstacks, despite the 1,100 students accessing materials 17 hours a day, seven days a week. The system’s innovative safety system provides completely passive safety, requiring no active involvement from students for the system to detect when someone is in the aisle and prevent any carriage movement. The safety system also senses material on the aisle floor and stops carriage movement to avoid materials damage.

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