A large Arkansas library needed help to increase their storage capacity in an extremely cramped basement. They turned to Southwest Solutions Group for assistance. The solution: a floorless mobile shelving system, specially designed to maximize every inch of space.

Problems the Library Faced with Storage in the Basement floorless mobile shelving system installed in the arkansas library's basement

The library stores a mix of archive magazines, newspapers, and extra books in the basement. When a new popular book comes out, they will order extra copies and keep them on hand to send out to smaller libraries. Unfortunately, the library was quickly running out of storage space, and the old cantilever type shelving just wasn’t enough to meet their storage needs. On top of that, the space in the basement was extremely cramped due to low ceilings, overhead pipes, HVAC, etc.

The library’s director knew that something needed to be done to increase storage capacity, so he reached out to the architect who handles all projects for their building. The architect had worked with Southwest Solutions Group numerous times and contacted him for help. When Southwest Solutions Group met with the library director and architect, he knew a floorless mobile shelving system was the perfect solution to their storage problem.

Why the Floorless Mobile Shelving System was the Best Solution

Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) measured and designed around all the obstructions to ensure every inch was maximized. The system has two 9 foot surface mount rails, with 14 mobile shleving rows and 3 stationary rows. Each of the mobile shelving rows has three 36 inch wide units, and uses 20 inch deep four-post shelves. In addition, the back wall is lined with shelving. Overall, the new floorless mobile shelving system increased the library’s storage capacity by 100% in the basement. And since the system is completely made of steel, it’s going to last for 35-40 years.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

Given that the basement has the potential to get wet and/or flood, a floorless system works well beause there is no wood ramp or floor. By eliminating all the wood you would typically find on a mobile shelving system (the floor, ramp, and end panels), SSG reduced their risk of water damage and prevented any off gassing potential (plywood and particle board has Formaldehyde in it that off gasses and can damage paper products).

Learn More About What a Floorless Mobile Shelving System Can Do for Your Library

Southwest Solutions Group® designs and installs floorless mobile shelving systems for all types of libraries. To learn more about this project or to speak with the specialist in your area, call 1-866-445-833 or send a message.


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