Renovating the Library Requires New Storage Solution for Books

A well known university offers a wide range of academic studies to over 2,500 students a year. Within the past five years, the university began the process of repurposing its library. Due to the rise of new technologies like e-books and the need for collaborative spaces, the demand is much higher for open and creative working areas like makerspaces than for books.

makerspace created in the university library

Because the university’s library was being renovated and not expanded, they needed a solution for storing books that would take up significantly less space. Compact mobile shelves were included in the new design because of their ability to consolidate the university’s library books in a very small space.

Designing Study Areas and Makerspaces in the University Library

To start planning the new library, staff first had to determine how the space was going to be used. Throughout the library, areas were designated for quiet study and collaborative space, as well as rooms for academic services and tutoring. There is even a reserved makerspace area, which is a rising trend among libraries around the nation. Makerspaces allow students and patrons to create works of art, build something, or learn a new trade all within the walls of the library.

compact mobile shelves for university library book storageLocated on the same floor as the makerspace, there are large tables and whiteboards, giving students the opportunity to collaborate and work on projects in a group setting. Finally, a new curriculum resource center has given more students a place to go for help with their work outside of the classroom.

How the Compact Mobile Shelves Made the Renovation Possible

Using the compact mobile shelves to consolidate the library’s book collection is what made all of these new and open spaces possible. Taking up only half of the third floor, the 22-carriage compact mobile shelves now store mostly all of the library’s physical book collection.

To maximize the budget, the compact mobile system incorporated the library’s previously existing metal shelving and wood end panels. And even though the compact mobile shelves are shorter than other traditional bookstacks, students are able to access twice as many books in one aisle. see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

Since the library was renovated and the compact mobile shelves were installed, more students have been using the library’s resources on a daily basis. Although students don’t come to the library for checking books out as much as they used to, the compact mobile shelves ability to keep the collection stored on-site in less space added considerable value to the project.  

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