Creating New Community in the Resource Library

college uses cantilever shelving in the community resource libraryA community college located right in the hub of the downtown area had plans to create a new type of community resource center. This building would house student services, classrooms, labs, a learning center, multi-purpose/performance space, faculty offices, a café, art room with pottery yard, and the school’s library. To make everything work, the school relied on a detailed space analysis, plus specially designed cantilever shelving from Spacesaver®.

Storage Goals for the New Community Resource Library

For the school to maintain what they currently housed and hopefully start to grow, the staff felt that the library in the new building needed to contain more square footage for the stacks. In addition, a major initiative for the new library was to create a variety of communal spaces—different seating areas for study, collaboration and work, because this library would serve the local community as well as students. To accomplish these two major initiatives, a detailed space analysis was needed.

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Results from the Detailed Space Analysis

Discovered through the space analysis, the square footage originally estimated for the library was not accurate and could be adjusted to better accomplish the two major goals for the space.

The general collection requested for the new library could be comfortable in 2,333 square feet vs. the 4,725 requested. It was also necessary to store the current reference collection which required only 440 square feet. vs. the 1,080 projected. With these results, the school was able to significantly decrease the amount of space it needed for the new library building.

Cantilever Shelving Creates Inviting Space

cantilever shelving with integrated lighting and acrylic end panels in the resource libraryNot only did the library want to house their current collection with plans for growth, but they also wanted to create an inviting space for students and community members. To do this they used specially designed cantilever shelving from Spacesaver throughout the library to house the majority of the collection.

The cantilever shelving was outfitted with integrated lighting triggered by motion sensors, which not only serve to brighten the aisles but conserve energy in the spirit of sustainable design. Custom white acrylic end panels were designed to work as a neutral among the many bright colors of the interior and, due to their translucence, they help to distribute more natural light throughout the space. Centered in each acrylic panel is a section of metal slat wall matched to the color of the shelving to provide a place for the staff to hang signage and “quick looks”.

Between the completed space analysis and the specially designed cantilever shelving, the school was able to transform their library into a modern hub for the campus. Today’s library is a dramatic change from the old, where the students truly respect and enjoy the space.

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