improving safety for pedestrian workers

safety guardrail system improves pedestrian traffic safetyA distribution company was in the process of remodeling a new building and needed new overhead dock doors and other dock equipment. They also needed new industrial safety guardrails throughout the remodeled building to help direct forklift traffic and keep pedestrians safe. Working with their distribution center’s exact specifications, a safety guardrail system was installed to improve pedestrian traffic safety within the new building.

single and double high guardrails installed

The distributor’s specifications called for a simple highway guardrail.  The guardrail is a bolt-up safety guardrail system that is available in both 17″ single and 42″ double high models. The distributor decided to use both the single and double high models depending on where they needed the guardrail installed. The project provided safety and protection from forklift traffic within the facility.

Double high guardrails were used in areas where pedestrians needed to be provided with safety measures from traffic. With fork trucks actively moving up and down aisles of the distribution center, the guardrail provides safety for workers as they move around the facility while filling orders.

The single high guardrails were installed along the newly renovated drywall facility walls to protect the interior walls of the building. The in-plant office buildings typically have forklift traffic around them at all times, so the guardrails effectively protect the personnel working inside these modular offices.

improving safety with safety guardrail system in distribution center

The guardrails were installed in one-foot increments from 1′ to 10′ wide section to achieve the different lengths required inside the distribution facility. Bright yellow safety rails were bolted to 4″ square uprights using hardware that was provided for them, including the 3/4″ x 4-1/4″ floor anchors. The distribution center continues to be very pleased with the safety and protection of the safety guardrail system provided within the facility and was especially happy with the guidance and installation services provided for the project.

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