small & mid-sized warehouse inventory management for managing slow-moving SKUskeeping slow-moving inventory manageable

Slow-moving SKUs might be taking up more space in your warehouse than you think. Without proper management, slow-moving SKUs occupy space, use up labor and resources, can make travel time even longer, and can even slow down your top-moving SKUs. Especially where space is concerned, small and mid-sized warehouse inventory management is crucial to effectively managing slow-moving SKUs without eating up space and slowing productivity.

tips for managing slow-moving SKUs in small & mid-sized warehouses

Too much inventory increases risks of obsolescence and overcrowding, but too little inventory means the possibility of stock-outs and losing customers as a consequence. The following provides some helpful tips for small and mid-sized warehouse inventory management to achieve proper balance of managing slow-moving SKUs.managing slow-moving SKUs in small to mid-sized warehouses with mobilized storage

  • Periodically review movement of inventory to identify excess and obsolete inventory and eliminate them along with the weakest performers. Re-market excess inventory at a reduced rate, recycle plastics and metal, and remove unsellable and obsolete items.
  • Regularly monitor movement profiles to identify excess inventory.
  • Periodically review your slotting strategies to ensure that you’re not keeping slow-movers in premium storage or assembly areas. Make sure your inventory is in the optimal position and space within your warehouse. Warehouse Management Systems often have built-in slotting software to track slotting decisions.
  • Consider your pallet racking options for storing and managing slow-moving SKUs. This storage won’t rely on throughput, but rather the ability to hold more inventory in the least amount of space. You may have to use different types of modules to accommodate your different types of inventory.
  • Mobilized storage might be a feasible option for your warehouse. Mobilized storage systems can free up to 50% of storage space by eliminating the fixed access aisles that come with static pallet racking. They also allow for configuration flexibility for additional storage or reassignment for revenue-generating activities.

In a small to mid-size warehouse, space is already at a premium. Instead of investing in costly space expansions, you could delay or even eliminate the need for more space by utilizing smart inventory management techniques and space-saving storage equipment solutions.

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