Motorized Compact Racks for Warehouse Pallet Storage

Motorized Compact Racks on Tracks

Motorized Compact Racks will transform the way you operate your business. These industrial powered push button Motorized Compact Pallet Racks offer up to 100% more storage capacity in the same square footage floor space compared to conventional static pallet racking. That’s because conventional static pallet racking requires access aisles between each row of racks regardless of your activity level. The result is a lot of wasted floor space. It is not unusual for the access aisles in your storage area to take up more floor space than the actual rack, resulting in a lot of wasted floor space, energy, and money. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

Save Floor Space With Industrial Duty Motorized Compact Racks

Industrial duty Motorized Compact Industrial Racks mobilizes your racks to save floor space and reduce operating costs. Motorized Compact Racks consists of installing pallet racks (new or existing) on rolling carriages that roll back and forth on tracks installed on the floor surface or recessed mounted floor tracks. The motorized pallet racks move to open the desired aisle by pushing a button located on the end of the pallet rack rows or by a remote control device that can be operated from a forklift. Click to watch compact pallet racks videos.

Reduce Your Operating Overhead Costs With Motorized Compact Racks

Imagine the monthly operational savings that can be achieved by reducing your warehouse storage to one-half the current size with Motorized Compact Racks. Some clients have avoided costly building expansions, while others have increased their productivity by eliminating offsite storage facilities with the floor space saved by installing these motorized industrial racks. Right-size your warehouse pallet storage area today with these innovative motorized pallet racks.

Benefits of Push Button Motorized Compact Racks

Some of the benefits of Motorized Compact Racks include:

* Increase SKUs without building or leasing additional floor space to reduce costs
* Consolidate storage for more efficient operations
* Generate floor space for more productive activities

To find out how much your business can save with a Motorized Compact Rack storage system, call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us for a no cost no obligation analysis of your storage area.



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