Cut Your Warehouse or Production Storage Space in Half or Double Your Storage in the Same Floorspace with compact pallet racks and shelving

Up to 60% of traditional pallet rack storage areas are consumed by access aisles to store and retrieve palletized materials. Compact rack turns unused aisle space into productive storage space allowing you to reduce your storage floor space and allocate more floor space to producing revenue. Compact rack takes stationary pallet racks (new or existing) and mounts in onto wheeled carriages that roll on floor tracks creating a transposable aisle based on your activity level. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

compact pallet rack reduces operating costs making your business leaner and greener

With today’s emphasis on reduced inventory, rapid throughput and quick response to market needs, Compact Pallet Rack will reduce your operating and energy consumption costs and make your business leaner and greener. Compact Pallet Rack has three important qualities; 1) fast, easy access with 100% selectivity, 2) efficient cube utilization, and 3) high return on investment (ROI) with quick payback on your investment. Click to watch compact pallet racks videos.

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Designing and planning material handling storage systems to optimize the flow of materials and save valuable floorspace is a important part of our business. Contact us today to have one of our material handling storage specialist show you how you can reduce your operating and energy consumption costs and increase your organization’s profitability.


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