Compact High Density Pallet Racks

Compact High Density Pallet Racks provides three important qualities:

  1. fast, easy access with 100% selectivity
  2. efficient cube utilization
  3. high return on investment (ROI) with quick payback on your investment.

Compact High Density Pallet Racks Provide Fast, Easy Access

Up to 60% of pallet rack storage areas are is consumed by forklift access aisles. High Density Compact Pallet Racks allows you to save valuable floorspace based on your activity level not traditional storage methods. Compact Pallet Rack equipment takes new or your existing pallet racks and places them on a specially designed carriages and tracks. Rows of pallet racks move smoothly with the push of a button creating moving aisles and maximizing your storage space while maintaining 100% selectivity. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

Cut your Space in Half of Double Your Storage in the Same Space with Compact High Density Pallet Racks

high density rolling compact pallet racks

Compact High Density Pallet Racks can cut your space in half and create space for offices, staging area or a new production line. Or double your pallet storage in the same space. Whether you need to reduce your floor space requirements or double your storage in the same space, Compact High Density Pallet Racks can make your facility more efficient. Click to watch compact pallet racks videos.

Compact High Density Pallet Racks Provides a Fast Return On Investment

Compact High Density Pallet Racks storage systems typically pay for themselves in two years or less on space-saving alone. If the system eliminates the need for new construction or increases productivity, the payback can be much faster. It is not uncommon to experience other operational benefits when implementing a Compact Pallet Rack system like inventory reduction or elimination of a second warehouse. Below are just a few of the savings some of our customers have experienced:

mobile compact pallet racking heavy duty

  • Precision metal products fabricator stores incoming raw materials and tooling on mobile pallet racking system adjacent to loading dock, creating space for expansion.
  • Dairy food industry supplier avoided building a second finished-goods warehouse by installing a 158 foot long mobile structural pallet rack system down the middle of existing warehouse.
  • Computer assembly plant relocated small parts from off-site warehouse to mobile pallet racking system adjacent to production area.
  • Pharmaceutical firm stores frozen antibiotics saves $100,000 investment (per freezer) and cuts energy costs by 50%.
  • Textile weaving mill reduced storage space on plant floor by 30% and increased storage capacity by 25% by relocating loom beam racks on heavy-duty mobile pallet racking carriages.

Compact High Density Pallet Rack Planning and Design Assistance

Designing the right Compact Pallet Rack system for your facility is a key part of our services. Contact us today and let one of our experienced representatives provide you with a free space analysis and proposal to see if a Compact High Density Pallet Rack system makes sense for you.