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Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage Carousels (VSR)

Optimize your manufacturing, distribution, or production facility with a Remstar Kardex vertical storage and retrieval carousel (VSR). Lean storage solutions is the buzz word in the material handling industry today. What is Lean Storage? Lean Storage is the ability to improve and control the flow of materials throughout your facility. What this really means is the ability to maximize the use of your floorspace and people to eliminate waste and create a facility that operates efficiently. (See videos see videos)

How the Remstar-Kardex Vertical Storage Carousel Works

Remstar-Kardex Vertical Carousels (formerly known as MegaStation by MegaStar) are fully enclosed storage systems of vertically rotating shelves moving up and down along a guide tracking delivering stored items to an operator at an ergonomically positioned work counter, eliminating wasted walk and search time. The Vertical Storage Carousel’s ergonomic design allows items to be delivered within the user’s easy reach, minimizing bending, reaching and lifting that reduces picking efficiency and can lead to on-the-job injuries.inventory management software controllergun weapon storage

Managing Your Parts Inventory in a Remstar Vertical Storage Carousel

The Remstar Vertical Carousel’s inventory management software is called FastPic. FastPic is integrated into the machine for increased levels of productivity and inventory management. An advanced, but easy-to-use controller is ergonomically positioned to ensure fast, simple operation. A number of Remstar Vertical Storage Carousels (VSR) and Remstar Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) can be integrated to provide a comprehensive, fully automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS).

Benefits of Remstar Vertical Storage Carousel (VSR)

Remstar Vertical Storage Carousels provide the following benefits:

  • Up to 80% savings in floorspace by turning unused air space into productive storage space
  • Dramatic increase in productivity (up to 600%)
  • Ergonomic storage and retrieval work stations
  • Improved inventory management control
  • Lockable doors and password protected access to inventory
  • Provide dust protection

Numerous Vertical Storage Carousel Configurations to Meet Your Unique Needs

Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage Carousels (formerly know as MegaStation by MegaStar) are available in more than 7,000 standard configurations. Vertical Storage Carousels are particularly well suited for service counter applications, allowing the operator to remain visible to customers while items are automatically retrieved.

Unlimited Vertical Storage Carousel Applications

Industry applications for vertical storage carousels include: Manufacturing, Automotive, Tooling Storage, Warehousing, distribution, Retail, Kitting, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Refrigerated and freezer storage, Hospital/Medical.

Designing and Planning an Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Design and planning services are an important part our business. Contact us today for a free storage analysis by one of our material handling storage specialists.

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