Remstar vertical storage & retrieval carousels (VSR)

The Remstar Vertical Storage Retrieval Carousel or VSR is designed to store a myriad of items from totes, tooling, reels, boxes, cases and cartons, frozen and refrigerated items, to Class One Cleanroom materials. The vertical storage and retrieval (VSR) carousel consist of carriers or shelves that rotate around a track. The vertical storage and retrieval (VSR) carousel’s carriers present stored materials to the operator waste-high eliminating all bending, stooping, and reaching. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems. (See videos see videos)

Benefits of Remstar Vertical storage and retrieval VSR carousels

  • Saves up to 80% of floorspace compared to traditional storage methods
  • Ergonomic storage and retrieval workstation
  • FastPic software optimizing inventory control management
  • Quick return on investment
  • Scalable design
  • Stores a wide range of part sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Provides a lockable secured storage environment for inventory

Vertical storage and retrieval VSR Design and Planning Assistance

Designing and planning the right automated vertical storage and retrieval (VSR) system is a routine part of our services. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to have one of our experienced representatives provide a free space analysis for your facility.


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