automated vertical carousels increase storage & inventory capacity

automated vertical carousel increases storage capacity in manufacturing facilityA manufacturing facility was having trouble storing their growing inventory. Their samples storage area requires inventorying over 18,000 sample SKUs on top of their regular inventory items. The facility’s storage capacity was quickly reaching its limit, making stocking, managing, picking, and shipping sample products tedious and time-consuming. By installing automated vertical carousels, the manufacturing facility was able to increase storage capacity for their inventory. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

replacing old with new vertical carousels

To increase their storage space and help facilitate faster order picking and processing, the manufacturing facility replaced two 20-foot-tall vertical carousels with two new 24-foot-tall automatic vertical carousels. The previous carousels provided 1,792 storage locations, while the new automated vertical carousels currently provide 4,788 storage locations. This increased their storage capacity by a full 167% while also maintaining about the same space requirements. (See videos see videos)

vertical carousels increase inventory capacity in manufacturing warehouse

When a sample order is received on their website, a label is printed for the order. The label indicates which sample has been requested and which carrier (shelf) within the carousel the sample is located on. The operator then rotates the carousel to the correct carrier by using the touch screen controller. The order is picked, bagged, and tagged with the order label. Once the shipping paperwork has been completed, the item is shipped.

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benefits of automated vertical carousels at a glance

Since installing the vertical carousels, the manufacturing facility has experienced numerous benefits that helped them move toward a more efficient and productive workflow such as:

  • No unplanned downtime due to regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Quicker order fulfillment: The facility is fulfilling roughly the same number of orders in less time
  • 167% increase in inventory storage capacity
  • Reduction of picking-related errors with automation

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