AS/RS vertical pallet storage shuttles for storing pallets

vertical pallet storage shuttles for warehousesThere are numerous problems with pallet storage on static shelving. It often necessitates the use of a separate crane or forklift, requires a vast amount of space, time, and distance to store and retrieve, and also makes handling heavy pallets dangerous for workers. Automated lift systems with vertical pallet storage shuttles can help avoid many of these problems associated with inefficient pallet handling. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical lifts

The vertical pallet storage shuttles store pallets in unused air space, which allows you to maximize your storage capacity. In tight-space production and manufacturing lines, automated lift systems help facilitate and enhance the workflow of employees by storing more products in less space. The pallets are also delivered to employees at the point of use with simple push-button operation, eliminating costly walking and waiting time. (See videos See videos)

benefits of pallet handling with vertical pallet storage shuttles

automated lift systems for pallet handling and retrievalIn addition to facilitating a more produtive and safe work environment, automated lift systems for pallet handling provide numerous other benefits for warehouses, some of which go into effect immediately after the system has been implemented.

  • Pallets can easily be retrieved from the shuttle and onto docking carts for ease of transportation
  • Vertical storage means a smaller footprint for your warehouse
  • Pallets are delivered at an ergonomic height to eliminate needless lifting and bending
  • Each pallet storage tray can store up to 2,204 pounds
  • Fully automated logistics and automatic height measurement of pallets
  • Optional integrated overhead crane for lifting heavy materials and to further facilitate storage
  • Pallets delivered at point-of-use, eliminating walking and waiting time
  • Wide ranges of expansion options and accessories depending on your warehouse’s needs
  • Automation reduces errors during storage and retrieval
  • Faster and more efficient storage and retrieval of goods improves productivity

automated lift systems for pallet handling and storage

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