More Efficient Utilization of Floor Space

storage shelving and office systems that save warehouse and plant floor space savingsUtilization of floor space in a warehouse, office, factory, or plant can be a difficult task. Traditional shelving requires extra space for aisles and can quickly become disorganized without constant manual management. Before you know it, employees are spending most of their time wandering through aisles and searching for the items they need instead of being able to do productive work. If your items are stored up high or are bulky or heavy, you’re also liable for employee injuries when they try to access these items. Luckily, there are many space-saving and affordable storage solutions with a quick ROI that can help keep your warehouse, office, factory, or plant safe and efficient. (See videos See videos)

Types of Warehouse, Office, Factory, Plant Storage Solutions

Mobile box shelving: Sliding mobile shelving can store both boxes and bins for small parts, depending on your needs. The sliding shelves remove the need for wasted access aisles between rows of shelving due to their ability to slide back and forth on tracks for easy access. With these, you can reduce your floorspace by half while still storing the same amount of items.
Vertical carousels: Fully enclosed motorized storage systems that automatically rotate with the push of a button. The shelves rotate up or down to deliver stored items directly to the operator at an ergonomic waist-high work counter. Built-in inventory software improves picking accuracy and speeds up operations. The vertical carousels offer up to 80% in floor space savings with 60% more storage capacity due to their compact vertical design. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

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Vertical lift modules (VLMs): The VLMs deliver large trays of stored parts automatically to an ergonomic work counter. Integrated scanning technology scans the height of each tray and stores it in the least amount of space required to ensure the most efficient utilization of the VLM’s space. The VLMs require no aisle space and can store small, medium, and large parts up to 30″ in height in a single unit. They can recover up to 85% of your floor space and increase picking productivity by up to 2/3 due to integrated pick-to-light technology. automated storage systems for efficient utilization of floorspace
Horizontal carousels: Oval tracks with rotating storage bins and shelves bring items directly to the operator for efficient picking and putting operations. The horizontal carousels are grouped in storage pods that allow the operator to pick from one carousel while the others rotate into place for the next pick. These carousels can recover up to 60% of floorspace and can be integrated with picking software for even more enhanced efficiency.
Mobile pallet racks: Access aisles can take up to 60% of your pallet rack storage space. Compact mobile pallet racks can help you recover this valuable space by placing new or existing pallet racks on rolling carriages that slide back and forth, much like high-density storage. Aisles are accessed with just the push of a button or turn of a three-spoke crank. With mobile pallet racks, you can store the same amount of inventory in 50% less space, or double your storage capacity in the same space as static shelving.
In-plant offices: These pre-assembled buildings provide soundproof and climate-controlled environments for creating warehouse offices, break rooms, clean rooms, equipment enclosures, and much more. The in-plant buildings are easy to install and their modular construction allows you to reconfigure or relocate them at any time. They can be installed anywhere within your warehouse, office, plant, or factory, even within a mezzanine system.

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