Re-thinking Warehouse & Distribution Storage to Do More With Lessindustrial automated vertical shuttles save warehouse storage space

Warehousing and distribution combine storing, handling, packaging, processing orders, inventory control, and customer returns. Juggling these activities can be stressful, especially when everyone is talking about the need to do more work with less people. Manufacturing and distribution centers need to evolve to keep their competitive advantage. But how exactly can your facility evolve to do more with less while still producing results, saving money, and conserving floor space? By using Industrial Automated Vertical Shuttles that will increase productivity, picking accuracy, space savings, inventory control, worker ergonomics, and provide flexibility for future storage needs. (view images of Industrial Automated Vertical Shuttles) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical lifts

Industrial Automated Vertical Shuttles Adapt for Current and Future Needs

The Industrial Automated Vertical Shuttles will adapt to your specific needs now and in the future because of its easy modular design. The unit height can be changed quickly and inexpensively to meet any changes of additional inventory in your warehouse or distribution center. Also, the vertical Shuttles can extend through building floors and mezzanine levels to ease parts distribution. The scalability of the Industrial Automated Vertical Shuttles creates a modifiable space for your warehouse storage facility, which helps to meet LEAN manufacturing goals. (See videos See videos)improve ergonomics and increase picking with industrial automated vertical shuttles

Industrial Automated Vertical Shuttles Save and Maximize Space

Because the Automated Vertical Shuttles extend vertically, they turn unused overhead space into productive storage space. The Shuttles store the same amount of parts and inventory as traditional bin shelving in approximately 85% less floor space. Also, The Shuttle’s CubeStar® technology provides one-inch incremental adjustability to maximize the interior storage space of the unit. The small footprint optimizes your warehouse layout by freeing up horizontal floor space that can be used for value-added manufacturing and assembly line operations.

Industrial Automated Vertical Shuttles Provide a Safe Ergonomic Work Environmentvertical shuttles adapt to meet warehouse and distribution storage needs

All the parts requested from the Automated Vertical Shuttles are delivered directly to the user at an ergonomic workstation. Workers can fill orders without wandering through aisles and searching aimlessly for parts. Not only does this system increase their productivity, but it prevents costly workers compensation injuries.

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Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in providing warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing solutions to allow you to do more with less space and people. Our experienced and knowledgeable representatives understand how to design functional storage areas that will enhance the flow of materials throughout your facility. For more information on Vertical Shuttles, call 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a representative in your area.


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