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ASRS automatic vertical shuttle lift module VLMThe ASRS automatic vertical shuttle lift module (VLM) provides high-density compact storage with a larger storage capacity in a smaller footprint than static aisle shelving. The VLMs provide fast access to stored materials with automated processes that increase productivity, accuracy, and ergonomics all while saving floor space and a quick return on investment. Click here to learn more about vertical lift modules.

The automatic vertical shuttle lift modules deliver large trays of stored parts to an ergonomically-placed access window with a waist-high work counter at the push of a button. Integrated scanning technology automatically scans the height of the trays and stores it within the shuttle with the least amount of space required, ensuring that every cubic inch is utilized for storage. Trays inside the shuttle are stored on both sides of the unit. An extractor travels up and down the center of the VLM to store and retrieve trays when the operator pushes a button.

Unlike static aisles, the VLMs require no space for aisles and can store small, medium, and large parts up to 30″ in height in a single unit. By utilizing vertical space, the shuttles can recover up to 85% of the floor space required by static shelving systems. By delivering parts directly to workers and directing them to the exact part to pick with pick-to-light technology, the shuttles can increase picking productivity up to 2/3 while improving ergonomics and worker safety.


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Additional features of the ASRS automated vertical shuttle lift module include:

  • Manual/automatic full tray extraction facilitates quick access to stored items
  • Dual tray delivery enhances productivity and allows two work levels in access opening, decreasing wait time between picks
  • Toothed belt drive for fast travel and delivery of stored trays
  • Tray height detection automatically maximizes storage density with every cubic inch utilized
  • Automatic shutter doors provide inventory security along with dust and environmental protection
  • Light curtain provides maximum operator safety
  • Trays are delivered to the user’s preferred ergonomic height settings
  • Multiple weight capacity trays for mixed weight loads
  • Modular construction allows the unit’s height to be expanded to accommodate future storage needs

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