More Space for Hanging Garments

automated wall mounted garment liftStoring hanging garments and clothing takes up your floor space quickly, but did you know that your overhead wall and ceiling space can also be used as valuable storage areas? Automated push button overhead and wall mounted high capacity hanging garment lifts allow you to utilize this storage space while keeping your clothes safe and secure from damage, wrinkles, dirt, and theft. The lifts are lowered directly to the user at just the push of a button, making clothes easy to retrieve even when they’re being stored up high.

The hanging garment lifts also mean the end of climbing ladders to retrieve clothes, which can leave in dropped garments or injuries. Items are easy to see when lowered, making inventory quick and efficient. Storing your garments overhead keeps your aisles open and clear, giving you more room for valuable storage space. With the hanging garment lifts, you can double your storage overnight without remodeling or even moving your existing shelving.

Automated Wall Mounted Hanging Garment Lifts

The wall mounted hanging garment lifts bolt directly to your open wall space. For example, you could mount the lifts above your existing shelving to double your storage capacity in the same footprint.

The lifts have a payload of 300 pounds each, and many users mount several lifts in a row to maximize their storage. Each lift is low voltage, maintenance-free, and easy to use. The lifts are also delivered completely assembled and ready for mounting.

Push Button Overhead Garment Lifts

The overhead lifts bolt to your ceiling and bring the hang bars down to eye level at the push of a button.

push button overhead high capacity hanging garment lift

Each lift is modular in design so you can add onto the system easily. Up to five sections can be bolted together to make a 40-foot long lift. Each section contains an eight foot long hang bar with multiple configuration options.

  • A single hang bar is ideal for narrow aisles
  • Under-over setup: Contains two hang bars (one below the other) that doubles your hanging garment storage with one lift
  • T-bar setup: Spreader bar holds hang bars side by side, ideal for long hanging garments
  • Combination T-bar and under-over: Offers the most storage available in the minimum amount of space

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