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In Plant Modular Offices Buildings are Cost-Effective

Today, the need to design flexible facilities to meet the rapidly changing business requirements is essential to growing profits. Cost-effective In Plant Modular Office Buildings help to meet that directive. Modular office buildings save an estimated 33% on construction costs compared to drywall construction. But more importantly, In Plant Modular Office Buildings are reusable and movable. So when you remodel your facility, they can be moved with very little additional expense. In Plant Modular Office Buildings are environmentally sensitive, economical, flexible, reconfigurable, and are considered equipment and depreciate accordingly, allowing a company to completely write off their expenditure over 5 times faster than typical drywall construction.

Inplant Modular Office buildingMultiple features are available for the in plant modular office buildings. Wall panels are easily removable without disturbing adjacent panels, roof decking, or acoustical ceiling, and are interchangeable with door or window panels. Wiring posts support the overall structure and allow easy access for electrical and telecommunications wiring. The entire system is non-progressive in design due to the three-piece wiring posts. A sturdy track and base adds extra stability and durability. The modular offices are able to be outfitted with electricity. Acoustical ceilings, roof decks, glass, and doors come standard with customization options available.

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In Plant Modular Office Building Applications

Below are some of the In Plant Modular Office Buildings applications that we can help you with.

  • In-plant Offices
  • Interior Office Walls
  • Environmental Rooms
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Clean Room Walls
  • Refrigerated Cold Storage
  • Exterior Guard Buildings

Designing and Planning Your In Plant Modular Office Building

For more information on In Plant Modular Office Buildings, please send us a message or call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 and we will have your local representative contact you.


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