Ergonomic Industrial Workstations and Work Benches


Ergonomic Industrial Workstations and Work Benches are designed to enhance working conditions and increase productivity for employees who spend most of their time working in a seated position (View Work Benches Image Gallery). Independent studies show that properly designed ergonomic industrial workstations and work benches will reduce body strain and repetitive movements that result in fatigue and low productivity.

Increasing Productivity With Industrial Workstations and Ergonomic Work Benches

Reducing stress and increasing productivity with ergonomic workstations really depends on what type of work the employee is doing. We have found that the following criteria usually comes in to play when designing ergonomic workstations and work benches.

  • Adjustable Work Surface Heights. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time causes body stress and strains. By offering industrial workstations with easily adjustable work surface heights, employees can change their body positions frequently to reduce the impact of bodily stress and strains.
  • Easy Access to Tools and Parts. Easy access to frequently used workstation tools and parts can not only reduce worker stress, but also increase productivity. Typically, easily adjustable overhead tilted bin shelves and overhead hanging tool arms dramatically improve working conditions, not to mention better organization and use of work space.
  • Other accessories to improve the ergonomics and working conditions include monitor arms, easy to access data and power connections, good seating, footrests, and proper lighting.

Ergonomic Layout and Design Assistance for Industrial Workstations and Work Benches

Design and planning ergonomic industrial workstations and work benches is an important part of what we do. Send us a message or call us toll free 1-800-803-1083 and let us assist you in designing the right industrial workstation or bench for your facility.


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