High Security Tool Storage Cabinets

industrial tool security cabinets wallets phones mediaHow secure are your tools and inventory? Industrial tool security cabinets and RFID tracking storage lockers secure and store expensive inventory and other items while providing tracking reports so you know where all of your materials are located at all times. Click here to watch another video showing how the RFID tracking storage cabinets work.

RFID Asset Tracking Cabinets

The tool security cabinets are unique in design because they provide separate compartments for each item stored, which keeps them secured at all times. The cabinets also require no tedious manual management and no requirement for extra staff to document every transaction by hand, because the cabinet does all of it for you.

Within the cabinet, each drawer is customized with compartments sized to fit whatever items you need to store, such as smaller compartments for screws and bolts and larger compartments for power tools and other items. Before the user has access to the system, they must pass authorization through PIN, RFID, or biometrics identification. The cabinet records what item the user is retrieving or returning and what time/date the action took place. Once they are authorized, the drawer containing the requested item is unlocked and the compartment where the individual item is stored opens. The user then simply closes the drawer and uses the same process when returning an item.

Additional features and benefits include:

rfid tracking storage expensive inventory tool cabinet

  • Allow user access only according to pre-set authorization
  • Limit the number of items a user can have checked out at once
  • Have alerts sent to user and managers if an item isn’t returned on time
  • Keep track of every transaction made with on-demand documentation
  • Optional wireless video camera available for more security
  • Securely manage the cabinets from a remote location

Innovative Key Cabinets

Below are three various types of key cabinets to protect and track your keys. Each of the key cabinets below includes a RFID reader and key tags. Key compartment is 1.5″ x 1.6″ x 2.9″. These cabinets can be configured with different sized compartments to store an assortment of items.

Optional Items: video camera, voice control, biometric reader, and magnetic card reader.

Model # of Keys Stored Sale Price Including Freight Unit Photo
SSGFRAME198 198 Please Call key wall cabinet ssgframe
SSGFRAME396 396 Please Call
SSGCOMPACT96 96 Please Call key cabinet table top unit ssgcompact
SSGCOMPACT192 192 Please Call
SSGCOMPACT288 288 Please Call
SSGCOMPACT384 384 Please Call
SSGULTRA198 198 Please Call key cabinet large stand alone ssgultra
SSGULTRA396 396 Please Call
SSGULTRA594 594 Please Call
SSGULTRA792 792 Please Call
SSGULTRA990 990 Please Call
SSGULTRA1188 1188 Please Call
SSGULTRA1386 1386 Please Call
SSGULTRA1584 1584 Please Call
SSGULTRA1782 1782 Please Call
SSGULTRA1980 1980 Please Call
SSGULTRA2178 2178 Please Call
SSGULTRA2376 2376 Please Call

Contact Us for Industrial Tool Security Cabinets

Southwest Solutions Group provides design and installation services for industrial tool security cabinets with RFID tracking storage for expensive inventory, tools, media, wallets, keys, and more. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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