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LEAN Manufacturing with a Horizontal Carousel System

Are you looking to improve parts storage in your manufacturing facility? A Horizontal Carousel is a great option because it uses LEAN manufacturing initiatives to reduce waste while increasing productivity. In addition, Horizontal Carousels save floor space, improve picking and accuracy, and give you a quick return on investment. Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

A Horizontal Carousel System Saves Floor Space and Money

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In most circumstances, you can expect to save at least 40% of your storage floor space with a Horizontal Carousel system. We recently worked with a company that used 7,000 square feet of space for storing parts and assembling products. When they took on a new product line, they had to rent 1,600 square feet of additional off-site storage space to accommodate their storage needs. After investing in several Horizontal Carousels, the company was able to move their parts on-site and close the off-site storage facility. In addition to closing the off-site storage facility, they were able to consolidate their on-site storage saving an additional 2,000 square feet, for a total savings of 3,600 square feet.

Horizontal Carousel’s FastPic Batch Picking and Inventory Management

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Horizontal Carousels equipped with FastPic inventory management technology improve accuracy and productivity. FastPic manages several horizontal carousels while batching parts on several orders together to enhance productivity. Instead of workers walking around and searching for parts one at a time, parts are brought to a Horizontal Carousel picking station where several orders are processed at the same time. The FastPic software commands the Horizontal Carousel to automatically rotate and then instructs the operator how many parts are needed for several orders. The FastPic technology uses vertical light bars to show the operator exactly which bin to pull the parts from and how many parts are needed for each order. Horizontal Carousels are typically grouped in pods of three to four units, this allows one Horizontal Carousel to be rotating while the operator is pulling and distributing parts into order bins.

The Horizontal Carousel also allows for quick picks when they are needed. Simply push a button and the Horizontal Carousel rotates to deliver the part to the pick station. Once the quick pick part is delivered to the operator, they can easily transition back to the batch order process. The ability to deliver quick picks speeds up the time to retrieve parts without disrupting the batch picking process.

One company we worked with was using five of their employees just for picking parts. With the addition of the Horizontal Carousels, they were able to do the same amount of picking with only three employees, which equals a 40% labor savings. Between the space and labor savings, you can anticipate a return on investment in as little as 18 months.

Designing and Installing Horizontal Carousels

If you are interested in how much floor space and time a Horizontal Carousel will save you, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us. We will provide you with a free estimate with information on how a horizontal carousel system can change the way you do business.


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