improving business processes with paperless information management solutions

improving business processes by converting to a paperless officePaperless information management solutions, when implemented with proper business management procedures, improves business workflow and the way employees perform. Improving business processes leads to improvements in records management lifecycle practices, more satisfied employees and customers, and faster, more efficient customer service, in addition to ensured regulatory compliance to protect your business.

improving business processes with eRM and regulatory compliance

The goal of paperless information management solutions is to optimize enterprise operations throughout the record lifecycle. Enterprise risk management (ERM) and regulatory compliance with document capture, file conversion, and records retention is imperative to the health of your business. An efficient ERM and regulatory compliance system can help with improving business practices through:

  • Integration of both physical and electronic retention schedules
  • Improved and reduced records inventory
  • Advanced Legal Hold capabilities
  • Improved records access for employees, so they don’t have to waste time hunting down files
  • Efficient retrieval and re-filing
  • More organized storage to streamline filing processes
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery
  • Virtual elimination of misfiles

File Conversion and document capture

paperless IMS information management solutions for businessesFile conversion and document capture refers to the process of scanning and digitizing paper records into a more accessible digital formats. There are countless methods of paperless information management solutions that can help you digitize your records yourself or hire an outside company to digitize your records for you. Digitizing your records means eliminating the frustration and cost of locating and recreating misplaced documents, a faster response to file requests, and, as mentioned previously, easier and improved regulatory compliance. Having organized digital documents means employees can access these files quickly and efficiently, saving time in addition to floor space.

Paperless information management solutions reduce hard costs associated with retrieving, filing and re-filing, transporting, storing, and destroying paper records, in addition to the costs of offsite storage. Paperless records also reduce the soft costs associated with workflow inefficiencies and prevents the workflow bottlenecks common with managing paper records. Digital documents also improve efficiency through increased visibility, routing, auditing, and security controls.

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