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hipaa cjis compliant medical record scrub scanningSharing medical information while still complying with privacy and confidentiality standards is one of the biggest challenges of maintaining medical records. The development of electronic medical records has made confidentiality easier, and many areas are implementing “scrub” systems that show the professional viewing the records only what they need to see. This removes personally identifying information while also maintaining the integrity of the medical information itself. The Army National Guard (ARNG) chose SSG to implement an electronic medical record scrub, as well as providing assistance with records management during and after the process.

SSG’s Record Scrub Process

The ARNG was struggling with maintaining consistency within their division due to extensive turnover. Southwest Solutions Group® worked with the Guard’s leadership to develop efficient processes that would streamline the maintenance and updating of records. SSG’s services are completely HIPAA and CJIS compliant.hipaa compliant document scanning

Barcode labels were created from electronic files that included a solder’s name, social security number, and date of birth to provide audit tracking throughout the entire scrub process. The file scrub consisted of disassembling their existing 6-part folders and removing all documents, which were then re-sorted in chronological order according to regulations, and placed into their appropriate fastener. SSG also identified duplications and copies and established an additional folder for the document to be given to the individual soldier for their reference.

After receiving the highest level of security clearance, SSG updated the ARNG electronic medical record system to ensure the accuracy of all immunizations and site visits.

SSG provided guidance during leadership meetings to educate the ARNG regarding accurate identification and indexing of documents for physical and electronic records. This standardization allows for a clear and definitive relationship between physical and electronic records while still maintaining the official record.

The ARNG had also acquired an extensive backlog of approximately 80,000 documents that needed to be interfiled within the records prior to archival. These physical documents were stored in hundreds of boxes stacked around the surrounding area and in hallways, causing various safety issues with their minimal resources. SSG developed a process map to “stop the bleeding” of new and incoming documents and developed a plan to eliminate backlog with a step-by-step dissemination and sorting process.

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ssg implements electronic medical record scrub for army national guard

It can be difficult to ensure that your scanning or records management process is HIPAA compliant, but SSG is able to manage all compliance concerns for every step of the process. The ARNG now enjoys a medical records system that is compliant, easy to use, and secure while still remaining accessible to those who need it—and without taking up space in their building.

SSG is not an industry-specific organization and has worked with organizations in almost every sector of public, government, and private industries. We understand that each industry has a unique set of requirements and regulatory considerations, and we aim to meet them all within your specified budget and time frame.

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