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medical supply inventory control with rfid smart cabinets

Problem with the Hospital’s Medical Supply Inventory Control

Herzilya Medical Center in Israel provides a variety of advanced therapeutic services. Annually, approximately 500 of Israel’s most experienced doctors perform over 18,000 of the most complex private operations in all medical fields. However, a major problem originated while the hospital was producing its annual inventory reports – destructive and expensive disputes with the medical suppliers. Each party had different accounts of how much stock was used during the past year. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

The hospital narrowed the discrepancies down to the counting method used for medical supply inventory control. Nurses were manually performing the counts, which exposed the reports to paperwork mistakes, shelving storage problems, expired products and other human errors. Each side was at a risk of losing millions of dollars in addition to discontinuing long standing relationships.

The logistics of the problem was that nurses were under tremendous pressure and time constraints during medical procedures. The nurses would remove and return medical supplies and devices from the shelves quickly, but the lack of time didn’t allow for an immediate recording of each transaction. The transactions were performed only after the operations were over and the patient was cared for.medical supply inventory control in the cath lab with rfid software

Smart Cabinets with RFID Software Offer Cath-Labs Control Over Medical Supply Inventory

track cath-lab medical supplies with smart cabinets with rfid software

The Chief Technology of Operations Officer at the hospital was determined to find a solution that would allow the hospital to have better control over the inventory management process while allowing nurses to focus on patient care. He received positive feedback about Smart Cabinets with RFID Software from his industry colleagues. The Smart Cabinets with RFID Software would be able to instantly resolve these materials management issues with medical supply inventory control. (view images of Smart Cabinets with RFID Software)

Three Smart Cabinets with RFID Software were installed in the hospital’s cath-lab. The inventory was placed inside the cabinets, locked by electronic doors that could only open with a pre-approved tag swipe, and provided an immediate record of who opened the doors and what exactly was taken out. The information was then available to both the hospital and medical suppliers. Hospitals now knew what medical supplies needed to be re-ordered and what supplies were about to expire, while suppliers knew exactly what to invoice for.

Benefits of Using Smart Cabinet with RFID Software for Medical Supply Inventory Control

use the smart cabinets that have rfid software in the cath-lab for inventory control

Controlling medical supply inventory with Smart Cabinets provides numerous benefits including,

  • Accurate, real-time reporting system at the item level
  • Nurses able to concentrate on patient care, not record taking
  • Reduced inventory waste
  • Eliminated manual supply counting
  • Eliminated stock-outs
  • Eliminated hospital-supplier disputes over quantities used

Contact Us for the Smart Cabinet with RFID Software for Medical Supply Inventory Control in Your Hospital

The Smart Cabinet with RFID Software will help with medical supply inventory control in any department or patient care area within your hospital. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to learn more about how the Smart Cabinets with RFID Software can be used in your facility.



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