The Burdens of Storing Broken Hospital Bedsbroken beds kept in a biomedical equipment storage room

Hospital beds are included in the collection of medical equipment that must be maintained to ensure an acceptable level of safety and quality. The beds need to be stored in such a way that they are protected against damage, contamination, and deterioration. And your hospital’s storage practices must not violate codes. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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Yet, one of the top causes of Joint Commission citations is empty or broken hospital beds stored in hallways and corridors. Even if your hospital is lucky enough to have a biomedical equipment storage room, the beds take up a massive amount of space and create hazards when engineers and technicians try to retrieve them for maintenance. Click here to watch videos showing how the vertical stacking automatic lifts work.

Why Vertical Bed Lifts are the Better Choice for Storing Broken Beds

Is there a practical solution that will solve your bed storage problem? The answer is yes. Vertical bed lifts will store broken beds waiting for repair without eating up your floor space. Typically, you find abundance of unused vertical space throughout a hospital, and making use of that vertical space is exactly what the vertical bed lift was designed to do. Beds are stacked on top of each other while still completely accessible. Further benefits of the vertical bed lift include,loading the three-high vertical bed lift with broken hospital beds

  • Clears hallways
  • Creates more work area
  • Stores all types of beds
  • Keeps beds safe and secure
  • Creates a safer workplace

Load a Three-High Vertical Bed Lift in 6 Easy Steps

The video above illustrates just how easy it is to load a three-high vertical bed lift. In just a few steps, one person can have the bed lift completely loaded.

  1. Place the ramps on the lift and roll the bed onto the platform.revit bim models
  2. Engage the bed’s breaks and place the bed’s platform safety stops into position.
  3. Remove the ramps and push the button to lift the platform (for safety reasons the bed platform will only operate when the button is engaged).
  4. Roll the second bed onto the next platform, set the bed brakes, place the safety stops into position, and press the button to raise the bed.
  5. Roll the third bed into position and set the brakes.
  6. Turn the power to the “off” position.push button operation for rasing beds in the vertical bed lift

The vertical bed lifts come with a safety photo eye that prevents any platform from being lowered when a bed is located in the bottom position. Optional enclosed side panels, back panels, and rolling doors are available if desired. Also, the vertical bed lifts come in two, three, four, and five high models to meet your space requirements.

Contact Us for Vertical Bed Lifts for Storing Your Hospitals Broken Beds

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