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RFID Smart Cabinets Allow Healthcare Facility to Move to Medical Supply Consignment Purchasing

rfid smart cabinets for healthcare facility supply purchasing

A hospital needed an inventory system to have control over its high-value Cath-Lab medical products. The facility needed the system to produce accurate records of which Cath products were used and who had used them. In addition, the system needed to be able to right-size inventory levels based on actual usage and not estimated use. With this information the healthcare facility could migrate to medical supply consignment purchasing, which would save the hospital money. The hospital chose three RFID Smart Cabinets to solve the problem. The RFID Smart Cabinets were able to automate the inventory counting processes and provide real-time detailed reports that led to being able to switch to medical supply consignment purchasing. (view images of RFID Smart Cabinets) Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Reason Why the Healthcare Facility Originally Couldn’t Purchase Medical Supplies on Consignment

use rfid smart cabinets for medical supply consignment purchasing

The healthcare facility couldn’t purchase medical supplies on consignment because of discrepancies with what the facility believed it had in stock and the actual stock on hand. After an investigation, the hospital found that the problems were attributed to inaccuracies in manual inventory counting process. This meant the hospital was basing its inventory calculations on an estimated number of medical supply items used per procedure instead of the actual number of medical items used. If a particular medical product was not recorded as used (by the nurses) then the product was shown as still in stock. This left the hospital without any option other than purchasing high-value medical supplies in advance, putting a strain on its budget.

How the RFID Smart Cabinets Work to Improve Medical Supply Inventory Management

The three RFID Smart Cabinets were implemented to reduce inventory costs through automating the number of medical products actually used and inventory control. The high-value medical supplies are stored in the RFID Smart Cabinets. When someone unlocks the cabinet and removes an item, the inventory level is updated and product is tracked to know which item was removed and who removed it. The RFID Smart Cabinets give inventory control to the hospital allowing them to monitor in real-time the consumption of medical products and review expiration dates with just a few clicks from the computer. Not only that, but the Smart Cabinet system can automatically reorder products from vendors if the inventory levels are down so products can be quickly replenished.

Benefits the Healthcare Facility Experienced with the RFID Smart Cabinets

manage healthcare facility supplies and devices with rfid smart cabinets

The RFID Smart Cabinet system has provided numerous benefits for the healthcare facility including,

  • An automated high-value medical supply inventory tracking system that requires no maintenance
  • Eliminating lost revenues to expired items and overstocks
  • Providing real-time reports with drill down capabilities that are accessible and e-mailed to approved staff members
  • Security for the vendors over their high-value assets
  • Migration to a medical supply consignment purchasing model

Contact Us for the Smart Cabinet with RFID Software for Medical Supply Inventory Control in Your Hospital

The RFID Smart Cabinets can be used in all types of healthcare facilities that have high-value items and are looking to move to a medical supply consignment purchasing model. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to learn more about how the RFID Smart Cabinet can be used in your facility.


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