Facilitating Legal Cannabis Growth

vertical growing system high densityWith 21 states legalizing marijuana use in some form, legal cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the United States. With such rapid growth in states where marijuana is legal, warehouses are most often used due to zoning laws, security, and the difficulty of obtaining loads and funds to build new structures. This demand had nearly doubled the cost of leasing warehouse space in the past few years. A mobile vertical growing system was installed in one warehouse that now increases space for climate-controlled legal cannabis. This not only saves space and reduces costs, but increases production and efficiency for the entire operation. Watch to see how the mobile system works.

Vertical Growing Systems Increase Efficiency & Space

In addition to real estate, there are a variety of other major expenses associated, including the cost of energy needed for climate-controlled warm temperatures and specialized lights required for growing cannabis. All plants need access to lights, but spreading them out increases both the number of lights and the amount of space needed; this contributes to very inefficient energy and space usage. As the market grows, cannabis growers are being pressured to make their operations more and more efficient. Click to learn how movable lights increase efficiency in commercial cannabis grow rooms.

increase space climate controlled legal cannabis growingThese costs are what drove a growing company to look for new storage options that would allow them to utilize their expensive, climate-controlled environment more efficiently. With a growing operation in a horizontal warehouse space, there was a large amount of wasted overhead space. The solution was an industrial high-density shelving vertical growing system that was modified to the warehouse’s needs.

Growing lights were added to the top and bottom of the units to optimize plant growth on the mobile vertical growing system. By utilizing the height of the warehouse, space was used more efficiently in a way that traditional horizontal growing couldn’t achieve. In the previous system in one of their smaller rooms, the canopy was 320 square feet and had room for 20 small lights. After installing the vertical growing system, there is now over 1600 square feet of canopy—a 500% increase in size. Their warehouse that previously housed 240 lights will now accommodate 1350 lights. The cost to build traditional square footage needed for this many lights is about 50,000 square feet, but the growers were able to avoid the need for these expenditures. This is especially important for an industry that faces difficulties with receiving bank loans due to federal regulations.

In a competitive and ever-changing industry, the mobile vertical growing system has increased yield and efficiency to allow them to expand and meet demand.

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