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Two Types of Cannabis Drying Racks

overhead cannabis commercial drying rackAre you looking to streamline your drying procedures and improve efficiency? If so, cannabis drying racks are the way to go.

Commercial and industrial growers face issues regarding the drying process. That includes the need to prevent products from overdrying. If that occurs, products burn faster and hotter and create an unpleasant customer experience. In states where there’s low ambient humidity, like Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada, overdrying can occur quicker.

Cannabis drying racks help facilities streamline their drying procedures, improve productivity, and maximize floor space. These drying racks feature powder-coated finishes that protect it against abrasion, corrosion, and wear. Growers that need additional storage because they’re working in a small facility benefit from how these drying racks help maximize floor space. Read more about cannabis grow solutions here.

Understanding Cannabis Drying Racks

Cannabis drying racks help commercial and industrial growers produce high-quality products using flexible and movable storage. The pull-out shelves make products easier to access, and the drying racks easier to clean. Drying cannabis is one of the most crucial steps when processing this product.

Using open shelving on cannabis drying racks has many benefits regarding processing and harvesting. This design allows for optimal airflow while simultaneously maintaining temperature and humidity. Growers should avoid chrome shelving because, as products dry, the shelves can corrode, rust, and shed particles.

Cannabis drying racks feature designs specifically for:

  • Avoiding anxiety, paranoia, and racing thoughts with proper drying
  • Bringing out subtle flavors while reducing harshness
  • Increasing storage capacity and time
  • Improving the product’s quality after harvest
  • Preventing unpleasant smells
  • Reducing the chance of mold production

Types of Drying Racks

cannabis drying net racksThere are several different types of cannabis drying racks available. They fall into two categories, including flat-bed drying racks and hanging drying racks. Here are some examples outlining their features and differences.

Drying Rack Frames

Because each level of a flat-bed cannabis drying rack is adjustable, they can handle any size products. The frame’s design is for supporting hanging plants on wires to allow them to dry. There’s also an optional basket arm to allow facilities to hang small products and maximize drying space.

Tray Truck

Using a tray truck allows facilities to maximize the tray size and capacity—each measure 30 1/2″ wide x 24″ deep. The design also features a 1 1/4″ lip on each side. With two-inch spacing, that means this truck can hold up to 28 trays. Products are easily accessible on pull-out trays.

Pan Rack

Pan racks are available in two types, including end load and side-load. Both types feature three-inch spacing to increase capacities. The end-load pan rack holds an 18″ x 26″ sheet pan. It can also accommodate 14″ x 18″ and 13″ x 18″ trays. The side load pan rack holds 9″ x 26″ and 18″ x 26″ trays. End load pan racks feature an 18″ access opening on each end. You’ll find a 26″ access opening on both ends of the side load pan rack.

Why Facilities Should Use Cannabis Drying Racks

A flat-bed drying rack allows facilities to improve their efficiency while simultaneously reducing floor space usage. Maximizing floor space is a concern for many looking for commercial drying racks. The main reason is that stationary drying racks take up too much space and aren’t as safe to use as a flat-bed drying rack.

Some growers prefer using industrial cannabis drying racks instead of trays. The use of trays often occurs after wet-trimming. Trimming cannabis, when it’s wet, can cause a significant reduction in quality. The main reason is manicured buds from the plant dry too quickly and lose terpenes. Using trays limits the amount of surface area exposure and causes the product the dry unevenly. Trays also cause extra work because the buds need to turn consistently to prevent flattening on one side.

Here are some additional reasons why cannabis growing facilities should incorporate drying racks:

  • Convenient drying and transporting
  • Secure drying system
  • Adjustable shelving to meet spacing requirements
  • Cleanable shelving protects against bacteria, fungus, and mold.

In a temperature-controlled room, cannabis plants are either trimmed before placing on trays for drying or hung by their stems. Creating a high-quality product involves cleanliness, humidity, and temperature. Improper material handling can result in contamination. Using cannabis drying racks allows facilities to maximize their efficiency and increase airflow.

Growers can also increase efficiency using cannabis drying racks because they increase capacity using the same footprint. Incorporating drying racks allows growing operations to increase without expanding their existing building design.

How Cannabis Drying Racks Improve Efficiency

Incorporating cannabis drying racks into a facility’s floor plan design means that they can transport products easier. That efficiency also includes ease of access. Because there’s no risk of corrosion on the rack’s surfaces, that means they receive protection against oxidation on all surfaces. Because these racks are adaptable, that means customizations can occur to meet the facility’s hang drying or tray drying needs.

cannabis drying racksThese systems help increase efficiency in:

  • Cannabis grow facilities
  • Commercial industries
  • Curing rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Hydroponic greenhouses
  • Indoor grow facilities
  • Medical industries

For many commercial growers, using fast-drying solutions are appealing. The main reason is that it lends itself to production volumes to increase. Using hanging drying racks allows growers to hang full branches. Tray drying involves laying out individual buds onto drying racks after trimming. This process makes tray drying efficient because growers must manicure buds before the drying process can occur. As a result, the drying process moves along much faster.

Benefits and Features of Cannabis Drying Racks

Growers are continually looking for various ways of improving production while simultaneously maximizing floor space. Using cannabis drying racks helps dispensaries and facilities maximize their drying room capacity up to three times. These drying racks also help growers achieve consistent spacing while preventing problems from occurring during the curing process.

Additional benefits include:

  • Can visually see what the racks contain for security purposes
  • Fewer problems when drying due to consistent plant spacing
  • Frees up the facility’s valuable floor space
  • Prevents the need for workers to use ladders
  • Reduces or eliminates employee injuries when reaching to hang plants

Growers can simplify their drying process by organizing their harvest on cannabis drying racks. Each of these drying racks features adjustable designs to increase capacity, convenience, and efficiency further. Not only do these drying systems help growers save space, but they also have access to customizable features.

Additional features include:

  • Convertible solutions mean growers can use hanging or tray drying.overhead marijuana drying rack
  • Easily transport plants from one room to another.
  • Easy to clean and corrosion-resistant surfaces
  • Growers can incorporate commercial drying racks in rooms with low ceilings.
  • Provides easy access to the product

Technical Specifications and Design

The growth of the cannabis industry means dispensaries and facilities must have better material-handling solutions. It isn’t uncommon for owners to use in-house engineering to provide these solutions. Architects and designers provide innovative cannabis drying solutions to dispensaries and facilities throughout the industry.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Food-grade and non-corrosive materials
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Mobile options

Efficient Cannabis Drying Solutions

Finding high-quality cannabis drying racks that are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean is a priority for growers. Finding these features means the drying racks help save time without taking up as much space. Incorporating cannabis drying racks means that growers are maximizing valuable floor space. The technical specifications for drying racks vary depending on if growers want flat-bed cannabis drying racks or hanging drying racks. Here’s an example:

Model: Overhead Automated Flatbed Drying Rack

  • All necessary components have food-grade grease.
  • Each flat-bed can lift between 70 and 90 pounds.
  • FDA-approved paint on all surfaces
  • Flat-bed drying racks are three-feet high.
  • Hangs from the facility’s ceiling

When growers use expert designers on-staff, that means it’s possible to integrate cannabis drying racks into existing floor plans. Implementing these cannabis drying solutions involves various architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Spec creation after a thorough site evaluation
  2. Completing CAD drawings and presenting plans
  3. Project integration with existing floor plans
  4. Installation of the cannabis drying racks

Increase Efficiency and Maximize Space with Cannabis Drying Racks

Southwest Solutions has innovative solutions for dispensaries and facilities looking to increase efficiency and maximize space with cannabis drying racks. Contact one of our professional designers by email or call 1-800-803-1083. They’ll help you decide which drying rack solution is best for your dispensary or facility.

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