Touchpad Key-Free Locks for Secure Storageblack touchpad key free lock provides data usage reports

With valuable stuff to store it’s essential to have the right lock for the right application. The days of keyed locks are rapidly diminishing as advanced technology creates convenience and more secure storage solutions. For example, Touchpad Key-Free Locks & RFID Transponder Locks are both easy to use and secure enough to protect your stuff. These locks can be installed on any type of cabinet or locker including wood, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and even copper.

Touchpad Key-Free Lock Features

Technology and design come together in with Touchpad Key-Free Locks. Users simply choose a 4-digit code to operate the lock. The locks are great solutions for lockers with assigned usage like rental lockers and coin-operated lockers. Touchpad Key-Free Locks are also ideal for facilities that require an operative, keyless autonomous system like day lockers. Features of Touchpad locks include:

  • Sealant on the front touchpad to prevent wear and tear on the buttons
  • Locks work in hot, humid environments
  • Available in black and white finishes
  • Locks uses batteries so no wiring is necessary (batteries last about 18-24 months)
  • Locks come with a 2 year warranty

Monitoring Abilities of the Touchpad Key-Free Lockswhite touchpad key free lock for secure storage

The most unique feature of the Touchpad Key-Free Lock is its monitoring abilities. A hand held device allows managers to reset any of the locks or set a specific date and time for the locks to open. The Touchpad Key-Free Locks also provide a audit trail data of lock usage and can detect if anyone has tampered with the lock by entering an incorrect code or trying to physically move the lock. It will also monitor the battery life.

RFID Transponder Locks Features

RFID Transponder Locks are a secure choice for stand-alone or as part of an access control system. With the the RFID Transponder Locks, users can open or close lockers by simply pressing a proximity media card, bracelet or Wellness® key against the door knob. The RFID Transponder makes lockers easy-to-use without having to remember a code or keep up with a key. The RFID Transponder Locks work with RFID protocols like HID, Myfair, and Ski Data. The RFID Transponder Locks have a completely independent power system that eliminates the need for wiring. The locks operate on four standard 1.5V AA batteries and last for approximately 30,000 cycles.

rfid transponder locks for lockers and cabinetsWith the same footprint as coin locks, the transponders are ideal for traditional lock replacements or upgrades. The RFID Transponder Locks are highly resistant to humidity, which makes them ideally suited for both dry and wet areas. The transponders offer different programming modes to ensure that lockers can be easily converted from dedicated usage mode by a single user to free mode that can be freely used by anyone or a designated user group.

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