Courier Delivery Lockers are Secure Office Building Parcel Stations

When you are waiting for an important package to be delivered to you in a large corporate office building, it can take forever because the package changes hands so many times before it finally gets to you. For example, the courier might bring it to the person at the front desk, who will then give it to the mail attendant, who will then give it to your administrative assistant, who will then finally give it to you. Courier Delivery Lockers are secure office building parcel stations that cut out all the middle men and streamline the process of delivering your package directly to you. Click here to learn more about parcel delivery lockers.revit bim models

How Do Courier Delivery Lockers Simplify the Package Delivery Process?

The Courier Delivery Lockers are a station of lockers that are grouped into rows and columns with different size lockers in each column. A computerized touch screen is located in the center of the parcel delivery station. When the courier comes to drop off a package, they log into the system using the touch screen, select the person who is receiving the package, and then place it into the designated locker. Then, the computer system automatically sends a text or email to alert the recipient that the package has arrived. The text or email includes a onetime unique code that will allow access to the locker with the package. To pick up the package, the recipient enters the code into the touch screen computer and the locker opens. This easy system will simplify the package delivery process and ensure that your package is delivered from the courier directly to you. And the best part is you can pick it up whenever you want. (See videos see videos)

Design and Planning Assistance for Courier Delivery Lockers

Overall, Courier Delivery Lockers save the couriers time, reduce the amount of people that handle your package, and notify you exactly when it is available for pick up. Southwest Solutions Group® is an exclusive representative for Courier Delivery Lockers and will provide you with expert design and planning assistance for your secure office building parcel stations. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will get you in touch with the local sales professional in your area.


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