computerized locks on intelligent harbor lockers can be used for storing luggage

Intelligent lockers for hotels storing luggage

Coordinating checking out of your hotel room and dealing with your luggage can often be a hassle. Recently, hotels are starting to use Intelligent Lockers for storing luggage to accommodate their guests. In addition, these computerized locks can be used by hotel employees to store luggage while valet parking cars.

How intelligent lockers Work

Intelligent lockers with computerized locks can be installed anywhere in your hotel. Guests can use them to store and retrieve their luggage completely at their own convenience and without involving hotel staff. The way the locker works is that each intelligent computerized locker has an electronic lock, usually a digital keypad, which the guest can use by punching in a 4 digit code. This sets the locker as theirs, so the locker can only be opened by them.harbor lockers have computerized locks for luggage at hotels

If for any reason they forget the code or a manager needs access, there is a manager bypass mechanism that will unlock the locker door. You can also have a dedicated staff member that can assign the intelligent computerized lockers to each guest. Either option you choose will make storing luggage with computerized locks more efficient and secure for your hotel.

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