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Computerized Hand Gun & Ammo Cabinet

computerized hand gun ammo cabinet with RFID or biometric identificationA business facility was having trouble finding an efficient and safe way to store firearms for their security guards. The solution was one computerized hand gun and ammo cabinet that controls access with biometrics or RFID so they could be tracked when in use and stored safely at the end of a shift.

Controlled Biometric/RFID Access

Forty-seven security guards arrive unarmed, need to sign on a firearm, and return it by the end of their shift. When done manually, this requires 24 hours of manager attendance to take out each firearm from the safe, sign it off to the guards, and make sure that the firearms are also returned and secured by the end of the shift. Without any type of automation, it's a very tedious and time-consuming process that takes up valuable human resources.

biometricsor RFID controlled access computerized cabinet for hand guns & ammoAn computerized hand gun and ammo cabinet was installed to secure and manage security guard firearms more efficiently and without the need for constant manager supervision. One cabinet contains five drawers, which contains 54 compartments in total. Each firearm is secured in a separate compartment. Access to an individual compartment is granted only after a biometrics or RFID identification process and according to preset personal authorization.

Each transaction is automatically documented and captured on video. If one of the firearms isn't returned on time, the system sends a real-time alert to the manager and the individual guard.

The daily tasks of the security guards and managers has changed significantly since the implementation of the computerized hand gun and ammo cabinet. There is no need to manually sign for weapons, and managers aren't worried about whether the weapon will be returned at the end of the day. There are no more checkups to ensure if the license if valid and if the guard is certified, since the system can verify that on its own. The hand gun and ammo cabinets provide a complete solution to secure and manage security guard firearms through secure storage, selective access, automatic documentation, real time alerts, and more. Now both security guards and managers can spend their valuable time on what's important.

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