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Last updated: April 13, 2017

Computerized Locker Cabinets

computerized locker cabinetA leading integrator of innovative military defense systems needed a secure and efficient way to store personal items for about 1,000 suppliers and guests to their building. Two highly secure computerized locker cabinets were installed to store cell phones, laptops, and firearms using biometrics or RFID in their secured defense system facility without the need for time-consuming manual tracking or handling.

Cell Phone, Laptop, Firearm Storage

Every day, about 1,000 suppliers and guests enter the secured facility and need to deposit their personal items such as cell phones, laptops, firearms, and USB disks at the facility's gate before entering. Only about five security employees were receiving, signing, and storing each item manually, with each deposit taking about four minutes every time. The secured defense system facility needed a better way to get their visitors in and out quickly without unnecessarily wasting time and resources.

Two automated lockers were installed at their secured facility gate for a total storage capacity of 800 personal compartments. Now, every user can deposit their items themselves using biometrics or RFID identification. The system assigns a private compartment to the user, which only they have access to. Each deposit now takes about 15 seconds, as opposed to the four minutes they were taking before. Users use their visitor tags to access their specified boxes, and uses the tag again to retrieve them upon exiting the facility. It's a highly secure, extremely efficient process that doesn't require extra time or human resources for manual assignments. Every deposit or withdrawal is also documented and recorded by a dedicated video camera.biometrics rfid cellphone laptop firearm storage

After the installation of the computerized locker cabinet, the company was able to reduce three employee positions and save $120,000 per year. Service has improved dramatically as a result by significantly reducing visitors' waiting time, and guests also feel that their items are being better protected. The machines are now self-operated 24 hours a day for over 18 months with zero lost of damaged items. Click here to learn more and to watch a video about the computerized locker cabinet.

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