Scuba Gear Storage Shelves and Dive Equipment Cabinets for Storing Diving Supplies

Storing diving supplies can be a challenge because of the various sizes and equipment storage needs. Diving supplies can range from small items like masks and gauges to large items like wetsuits and tanks, which is why we provide Scuba Gear Storage Shelves and dive equipment cabinets that create functional and organized spaces to store your supplies. 

Storing Diving Supplies Hanging in ShelvesStoring Diving Supplies and Scuba Gear Storage Shelves

We have numerous ways to store diving supplies and scuba gear. Moveable modular millwork counters can be easily customized to meet your specific storage needs for common items. Unlike traditional millwork, modular casework is easy to adjust, reconfigure and relocate as your dive equipment storage needs change (read more about modular casework).

We have a wide assortment of storage hooks to better organize scuba gear and diving equipment that is best stored in a hanging position. Storing diving supplies like wetsuits in a hanging position allows them to dry properly and prevents gear from being ripped, torn, or damaged. In addition, hanging boots, buoyancy compensators, regulators, and fins is a great way to organize dive equipment to save storage space.

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High Density Storage Systems for Storing Diving Supplies

Scuba Gear Storage Shelves High Density Storage

In addition to traditional Scuba Gear Storage Shelves, we have high density Dive Equipment Cabinets to maximize storage floor space. Mounting Scuba Gear Storage Shelves and Dive Equipment Cabinets on rolling carriages that move on tracks is a great way to reduce the storage area and provide more space for more productive uses. The high density shelving saves space by reducing the need for an access aisle between every row of shelving or cabinets. That’s accomplished by placing shelving or cabinets on carriages that roll on floor tracks to condense storage and save space. (read more about high density storage systems)

Add Modular Drawers to Scuba Gear Storage Shelves and Dive Equipment Cabinets

Modular drawers are a great way to store all kinds of small parts and diving supplies. While Scuba Gear Storage Shelves provide efficient storage for larger dive bags, torches, and reels, modular drawers provide great storage for small spare parts. Modular drawers are available in heights from 2″ to 15″ and can be locked, as well as, partitioned and subdivided to organize small parts for easy and quick access.

Contact Us for All Your Dive Equipment Storage Needs

Contact us today and we will help you design an efficient storage system for your scuba gear supplies and dive equipment. In addition to design and planning assistance, we provide installation, maintenance, and relocation services for all your storage needs. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a Southwest Solutions Group professional in your area.


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