Keeping Your Athletic Gear and Equipment Safe and Secure

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Athletic gear and equipment for your school, university or professional team is expensive and not just anyone should have access. Keeping items secure so they aren’t damaged or stolen is a priority. Motorized rolling doors are ideal for securing your stored athletic gear and equipment. These doors can be added to almost any type of shelving including mobile shelving.

motorized rolling doors secure athletic gear and equipment

Additional Reasons to Use Motorized Rolling Doors

Besides security, there are many other reasons to use motorized rolling doors including,

  • Motorized rolling doors are designed to roll up into an overhead compartment top of the shelving. Traditional swinging hinged doors take up aisle space to open and close because they swing out. Rolling up instead of out allows you to make better use of your space.
  • You can use just one 12’ rolling door where normally you would need four hinged doors. This makes it easy to access stored athletic gear and equipment. And there’s no need to keep up with multiple keys.
  • Motorized rolling doors are aesthetically pleasing and are available in a wide variety of colors, including translucent doors. You can even add your team’s logo on the doors.
  • There are multiple options available for opening and closing the doors including manual, remote, and touch pad. Depending on your security needs, there’s a perfect option for securing your athletic gear and equipment.

Contact Us for Motorized Rolling Doors to Secure Your Athletic Gear and Equipment

Southwest Solutions Group® works with athletic departments in schools, universities, and professional organizations to design and install innovative storage solutions. To speak with a specialist today about using motorized rolling doors to secure your athletic gear and equipment, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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