Athletic Equipment Managers Need to be Organized

Athletic equipment managers and their staff are tasked withmodular work tables used for disassembling and reassembling football helmets

  • issuing gear and equipment to athletes, students, faculty, and staff  
  • storing athletic gear, apparel, equipment and more
  • maintaining equipment in order to prolong its usability
  • repairing equipment to maintain functionality and safety

With all these responsibilities, you can’t afford to be disorganized. Not only do we have all kinds of shelving and locker solutions to keep you organized, but we have modular cabinets and work tables as well. Our modular cabinets and work tables will help you store, maintain, and repair athletic equipment.

Why Modular is Better for Cabinets and Work Tables

One of the greatest benefits of our cabinets and work tables is that they are modular. This means they can be relocated and reconfigured any time your needs change. Cabinets and work tables that are built-in to your facility will have to be scrapped and thrown away if you wanted to change the layout of your equipment room. Then, you would have to buy more and suffer through the extra construction to add more. Using modular cabinets and work tables is an extremely cost-effective choice if you are working with limited school or university budgets.

modular cabinets storing heat printing apparelWe also have modular cabinets and work tables that can be constructed with stainless steel work-surfaces. The stainless steel helps to prevent the spread of staph infections because it’s easy to clean and non-porous.

How Two Universities are Using Our Cabinets and Work Tables

KU uses our cabinets with modular drawers to store their items for heat printing apparel. Everything is kept right on hand in one centralized location to help make this process easy and efficient. They also have upper cabinets with white board doors that allow them to leave notes and reminders.

The UARK has specially designed modular work tables that are used for disassembling and reassembling football helmets before every game. They wanted a space to eliminate any equipment failures/issues (like getting a chin strap fixed) that may cause a key player to leave a game. Having the work table to complete these repairs makes a big difference because players being off the field for just 1-2 plays could result in a touchdown or something huge for the other team.

Contact Us for Modular Cabinets and Work Tables

Southwest Solutions Group® designs and installs modular cabinets and work tables for storing and repairing all kinds of athletic equipment. To speak to a specialist today about your athletic facility’s needs, contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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