Mobile Storage Shelves Makes Storing Athletic Equipment and Team Uniforms Effortless

Storing Athletic Equipment and Team Uniforms on mobile storage shelves

Equipment managers are tasked with storing athletic equipment and team uniforms, and making sure everything is in top shape and ready to go whenever it is needed. This can be a major challenge if your using an antiquated storage system because athletic gear, equipment, and uniforms can quickly pile up on top of each other and turn your storage space into a disaster area. Mobile Storage Shelves make managing athletic equipment and team uniforms easier to maintain while providing better security, space savings, and a winning image for your team. (Mobile Storage Shelves storing athletic equipment images)

Storing Athletic Equipment and Team Uniforms in Mobile Storage Shelves Saves Space

Mobile Storage Shelves for Storing Athletic Equipment gear

Mobile Storage Shelves save floor space by removing unnecessary access aisles in the storage area. The mobile storage system works by placing shelves, racks, or cabinets on rolling carriages that move back and forth on floor tracks. This allows the shelving carriages to roll and compact together. Typically, only one or two moveable access aisles are needed to store and retrieve athletic equipment and team uniforms stored on the shelves. Eliminating unnecessary storage aisles frees up space for other uses. To open an access aisle, just push a button or turn a handle and the rows of shelving will separate to allow you access to the stored equipment. You can move multiple rows of shelving easily with a single handle or with the push of a button. In most situations, you can typically expect to save about 50% of your floor space with Mobile Storage Shelves. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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Mobile Storage Shelves are Versatile to Handle all of your Equipment and Uniform Storage Needs

Hanging belt athletic storage hook

Mobile Storage Shelves can be personalized to meet all your athletic equipment and team uniform storage needs. For example, you can create openings in the shelves large enough to hang team uniforms while creating smaller openings for storing shoes. There are many different types of hooks, shelves, and drawers for those hard to store items like shoulder pads, belts, and maintenance hardware. You can also purchase a inexpensive system lock that will lock all of the aisles together to prevent unauthorized access into the Mobile Storage Shelves. (watch how the University of Oklahoma uses their Mobile Storage Shelves for storing athletic equipment)

Build Team Spirit With Mobile Storage Shelves

After you have everything in place and organized just the way you want, you will want to build team spirit by putting your team colors and logo on the outside of the Mobile Storage Shelves’ face panels. Now, you can take pride in knowing all your athletic equipment and team uniforms are organized in a secure storage system that saves floorspace and builds teams spirit.

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