Metal Lockers with Ventilation

ventilated metal lockersIf you’re considering modernizing or retrofitting your facility with clean storage areas, ventilated metal lockers are the way to go.

Wherever you find moisture, you can expect to discover mold. Ventilated metal lockers can provide convenient storage solutions while simultaneously reducing the smell and unsanitary conditions that might come with locker storage.

Many facilities need a place to store wet work clothes, athletic gear, biological evidence, and more. These lockers feature heavy-duty steel construction with perforations to maximize airflow. The rust-resistant designs mean facilities don’t have to worry about corrosion. Metal lockers with ventilation feature designs that help ensure facilities have the durability and airflow they need.

Understanding Ventilated Metal Lockers

Lockers are available in various places ranging from gyms to military bases to schools and everything in between. Many locker designs feature small holes or vent slots in the doors, side panels, or both. These vents allow air to flow freely and keeps stored items dry.

Above all else, these holes in metal lockers are there for hygienic purposes. No matter if it’s lockers in the corridors of a school or the changing room of a gym, they are useful for storing clothing and other personal items. However, without proper ventilation, these things can create an odor in no time at all. There’s a constant airflow through ventilated lockers that allows sweaty clothes or other wet weather storage to dry.

Metal lockers with ventilation feature designs that are specifically for:

  • Biological evidence
  • Employee changing and storage areas
  • Gym locker rooms
  • Health club changing rooms.
  • Military base locker rooms
  • Wet weather storage

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Why Facilities Should Use Ventilated Lockers

metal ventilated locker storageVentilated metal lockers are a durable solution when facilities need a place to keep personal belongings safe and dry. In addition to providing a high degree of ventilation and strength, ventilated lockers are also ideal for facilities needing to conduct visual inspections of the contents.

Because people working at or who are guests at facilities don’t always take their clothes home, creating odor, mold growth, and sanitation issues. That’s why facilities need to ensure they have a high-quality ventilated locker system in place. That way, they’re providing a comfortable, secure, and durable solution for employees, guests, and other locker users.

When combining the piles of sweaty gym clothes with the steam clouds from adjoining shower areas, facilities can wind up with unpleasant odors. Even though gym members or company employees have the best intentions regarding keeping things from piling up in their lockers, it can still occur. Therefore, facilities need to ensure they’re using metal lockers with ventilation.

All-welded metal lockers with ventilation offer the highest level of resistance to hard abuse and use. Because these locker’s parts weld directly into its body, that means this single rigid unit can resist damage throughout its lifetime. Ventilated lockers featuring perforated doors are ideal for athletic use, where ventilation is essential for drying gear.

How Ventilated Metal Lockers Improve Efficiency

Promoting adequate airflow in a locker room starts with its design and incorporation of metal lockers with ventilation. That way, company owners can guarantee that hot and humid air has a way of escaping and fresh air can enter.

wire ventilated metal lockersBesides making airflow a priority, facilities must also consider the traffic entering and exiting their locker rooms. Is there a designated entrance and exit? Or do guests or employees have to use one door to enter and leave? The former option is ideal for improving efficiency and ventilation efforts within a locker room.

For example, if a facility needs to store an athletic team’s or firefighter equipment, stadium lockers featuring diamond-perforated sides are ideal for security and efficiency. These lockers feature various configurations, options for lockable compartments, and open fronts. The diamond-perforated sides and open front ensure there’s full ventilation while simultaneously allocating specific storage spaces.

First responders love the features and efficiency of ventilated lockers. They efficiently store bulky tactical gear while providing quick and easy access to other items. The coat hooks and hat rack on the locker’s interior make it simple to store personal items and the gear necessary for getting the job done.

Benefits and Features of Ventilated Metal Lockers

Professionals across many industries face challenges regarding keeping wet storage items from becoming unsanitary or growing mold. Because no business owner knows for sure what or when storage needs to occur, particularly when storing biological material or other evidence in the law enforcement field, facilities need ventilated lockers and wet weather storage solutions. That’s where the benefit of using metal lockers with ventilation comes into play. Not only are items secure, but they also receive the airflow necessary to prevent issues from occurring.

Additional benefits include:

  • The all-welded construction features piano hinges on the doors to ensure the highest level of security.
  • The ventilation in the doors and side panels allows air to flow up and down within the locker.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction provides extra durability and security.
  • Because there are no sharp edges, users are less likely to experience an injury when using these lockers.
  • Lockers come unassembled, but there’s an option for factory assembly.

Ventilated lockers are an ideal solution for storing athletic equipment in a gym locker room or anywhere else where airflow is critical. The perforations on the locker’s doors and side panels create vents on the lockers that offer increased airflow and ventilation.

Additional features include:

  • Ventilated lockers are available with or without legs.wet weather storage ventilated lockers
  • Single and double-tier lockers are available with stainless steel recessed handles.
  • Single and double-tier lockers come with one double-prong ceiling hook.
  • Six-tier box lockers include door pulls with door pulls and padlock hasps.
  • There’s a continuous piano hinge on each ventilated locker.

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How Wet Weather Storage Benefits Military Personnel

The United States Military has a reputation for having a firm commitment to going “all in” no matter the circumstances. As a result, their gear can take a beating. That means military personnel must have access to storage that stands up to these rigorous conditions. That includes having wet weather storage options when it’s time to stow away gear.

Metal lockers with ventilation feature designs that are specifically for handling the military industry’s wet gear. For example, if a unit is working in saltwater conditions, they don’t have to worry about their equipment causing corrosion in these metal lockers. These lockers are beneficial to military personnel who need to store:

  • Electronic equipment
  • Emergency recall equipment
  • Fins
  • General supplies
  • Lines
  • Masks
  • Medical equipment
  • Regulators
  • Scuba tanks
  • Waterproof backpacks

The main reasons military personnel benefit from ventilated lockers are improved ventilation, long-term durability, and security. Because military professionals can be a little tough on their equipment, so it’s critical to have that extra durability and strength.

Technical Specifications and Design

As the needs for ventilated storage solutions continue growing, so is the need for better-designed material-handling systems. It isn’t uncommon for companies to use an in-house engineering team. Architects and designers provide storage innovations to the athletic, educational, legal, medical, and military industry, and more.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Diamond-perforated steel construction
  • Multiple tier options ranging from single to six tiers.
  • Optional: Ships fully assembled
  • Welded construction

Mold and Bacteria Reduction Ventilated Storage Solutions

ventilated airflow metal lockersFacilities across many industries require ventilated lockers for wet weather storage and other wet gear. The implementation of metal lockers with ventilation means reducing or eliminating issues that typically occur with damp storage. The technical specifications for each storage system vary by height, storage capacity, weight, and more. Here are two examples:

Model: Vented Lockers with Single Door: #SMS-39-U3258-1HDV

  • Back panel construction: 18-gauge solid steel
  • Body construction: Side panels are 16-gauge diamond-perforated steel.
  • Dimensions: 3′ Wide x 1’3″ Deep x 6’6″ High
  • Door construction: 14-gauge diamond-perforated steel, including piano hinges.
  • Includes: Hat Shelf, 1-Double, and 2-Single Hooks per opening
  • Type: Ventilated Single Tier Wardrobe Lockers
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weight: 229 pounds

Model: Ventilated Welded Steel Lockers: #SMS-39-HWBA212-111

  • Construction: All-welded
  • Dimensions: 3′ Wide x 1′ Deep x 6′ High
  • Doors: 14-gauge diamond-perforated steel with a welded-in full-height door stiffener
  • Interior shelves: One upper hat shelf with single-tier lockers
  • Opening: 12″ Wide x 12″ Deep x 72″ High
  • Type: Welded Single-Point Ventilated Lockers
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weight: 252 pounds

When facilities have expert staff on-site, it’s possible to integrate wet weather storage locker solutions with existing building designs. Implementing ventilated lockers into an existing facility involves several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Spec creation following a thorough site evaluation.
  2. CAD drawings and plan presentation
  3. Project integration with existing building design
  4. Installation of metal lockers with ventilation

Wet Weather Storage Solutions Using Metal Lockers with Ventilation

Southwest Solutions Group® provides innovative design and installation solutions for metal lockers with ventilation. Contact one of our designers online or call us at 1-800-803-1083 today. They’ll help you decide which wet weather storage system is best for your facility.

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