secure gym locker room storageGym storage lockers are a great way to provide secure personal storage to your athletes, employees, or guests.

Those participating in sports or trying to achieve fitness goals must use an incredible amount of focus. Unfortunately, many gyms and locker rooms are a common target for theft. That makes it challenging for people to focus on athletics or fitness when they’re worried about their keys or wallet going missing.

It’s practical and wise for gym owners, employers, and schools to invest in lockers and locks. Ensuring things are safe and secure can open up opportunities for businesses and other facilities to stand out in their guest’s minds. For example, having an up-to-date personal athletic storage solution is just as essential as having the latest gym equipment in fitness facilities.

Understanding the Importance of Gym Storage Lockers

Lockers play an integral role in gyms, schools, and various facilities daily. School lockers teach adolescents about accountability and responsibility while simultaneously protecting personal items and valuables. Previously, locker designs were all the same.

Because business owners can use lockers in a variety of settings, they no longer all look alike. That means facility owners can think about the locker’s primary use and the location for implementing this storage system. For example, some areas might require different design specifications, materials, and sizes.

Some typical locker design and uses include the following:

  • Gym lockers: School gyms and stand-alone fitness facilities often provide users with many locker choices that include a small space for valuables and a large space for equipment and other storage.
  • School lockers: Schools typically incorporate half-size lockers in sections of three containing six lockers each. That configuration means schools can place multiple lockers along the walls of hallways.
  • Spa lockers: At higher class venues, like sports clubs and spas, there might be upscale lockers designed to match the facility’s existing décor.

Why Facilities Should Use Gym Storage Lockers

secure personal athletic storage lockersWith recreation and fitness facilities undergoing construction or renovations daily, it isn’t uncommon for owners to overlook the importance of high-quality vented gym storage lockers. Because guests use locker rooms for various reasons during every visit, they expect to find a secure place to put their items. No matter if it’s keys or their clothing, guests want to know that their possessions are safe when they’re using the facility. Before installing gym storage lockers, facility owners should ask themselves:

  • How many lockers does my facility need?
  • What type of locker is best for my facility?
  • Are there color options and designs from which I can pick?
  • What are the best materials, and which ones are best for my facility?

One thing that facility owners should remember is that the lockers they choose make an impression on the guests using their locker rooms. They’re going to check to make sure there’s enough room to change their clothes and that there’s a locker large enough to hang and store their possessions.

Lockers aren’t only for fitness facilities. They offer security at schools, places of employment, and more. The single most important thing students, faculty, and employees want from lockers is security. For example, in schools, the peace of mind that security offers extends to parents because they know their child’s valuables are protected.

Here are some additional reasons why it’s a good idea for facilities to incorporate vented gym storage lockers and employee lockers into their building designs for their employees:

  • Boost morale: Company owners can offer their employees access to lockers and show them that they care about investing in the security of their belongings.
  • Eliminate clutter: Most employee clutter comes from backpacks, essential papers, lunches, office supplies, and purses. Employees can use lockers to store most, if not all, of these things.
  • Secure storage: Sometimes, employees must change into safety gear or uniforms before doing their job. Lockers provide secure storage for those items and those that they need to store while working.

How Athletic Storage Improves Efficiency

personal athletic storage gym lockersIt isn’t uncommon to overlook support areas or not provide them with the attention that other visible areas of a facility receive. However, when storage areas or gym locker rooms aren’t working, that can take a toll on program efficiencies and the satisfaction of all who are involved.

For example, a typical storage room features a square room with shelving lining its walls. However, all too often, gear and other items wind up on the floor. When this happens, it blocks access to the shelving on the walls. As a result, more items find their way to the floor. Before long, these storage areas become costly, inefficient, and unsanitary.

That’s when it becomes a priority for facilities to incorporate a storage solution that maximizes efficiency and improve an owner’s control over the process. Because stationary shelves or wire caging aren’t flexible enough to function adequately, facility owners must look at solutions that provide storage as requirements change every season.

Vented gym storage lockers help promote airflow and drying that helps reduce the growth of mold and mildew. Facility owners can improve efficiency by incorporating these lockers into two separate areas: phys-ed and athletic teams. That way, coaches and team managers can tape each team player’s name to their gym storage lockers, along with checklists and other documents to the inside of the doors.

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Benefits and Features of Gym Storage Lockers

Facility owners can find gym storage lockers available in either metal or wood construction. They’re available in a single tier or with multiple lockers stacked on top of each other. There’s also the choice of using built-in locks or guests’ ability to use one of their own.

Additional benefits include:

  • Optimal storage space for clothing, equipment, and other valuables
  • Ventilation ensures dry and sanitary storage compartments inside the lockers.
  • Durable enough to withstand frequent use
  • Easy to maintain to prevent corrosion and rust
  • Easy to access for individuals with disabilities

The high-quality construction and security options for gym storage lockers tops the list of essential features to many facility owners. For example, a nationwide gym locker theft ring hit the Chicago suburbs, stealing thousands of dollars of possessions from wellness centers. That means facility owners must ramp up security using locking or RFID lock gym storage lockers.cubbies players athletic equipment storage university

Additional features include:

  • All-welded 16 or 18-gauge steel construction
  • Ventilated or perforated doors
  • Concealed hinges
  • Hat shelves on single-tier lockers
  • Single and double hooks and coat racks

How a Lockers Benefit the Military

Military bases need durable, flexible, and heavy-duty storage solutions. When it comes to identifying targets for optimizing storage space for the military, five key areas need the most attention:

  • Arms rooms
  • Communications equipment and pelican case storage
  • Maintenance and parts storage
  • Medical supplies storage
  • Military locker rooms

Gear military lockers are a compact and secure way to store bulky equipment, duty bags, field gear, and more. There’s also the option of implementing day-use lockers, which provide a safe place for personal items. It’s also beneficial for military bases to incorporate cage lockers, which can store entire lines of gear or equipment.

Technical Specifications and Design

As more facilities continue constructing and renovating locker rooms, there is a need to offer secure material handling solutions. Typically, companies turn to in-house engineering teams for these solutions. Architects and designers provide innovative storage solutions to athletes, colleges, medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, libraries, military personnel, and more.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Optional built-in combination or key locks
  • Optional RFID locks
  • Wood or steel gauge construction
  • Durable in high moisture areas

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Secure Storage Solutions

It isn’t uncommon for facilities, be it a gym or spa, to provide secure storage areas for their guests. Implementation of gym storage lockers means a reduction or elimination of that need. The technical specifications for each of these gym lockers vary by height, storage capacity, weight, and more. Here are two examples:personal secure gym locker room storage

Model: Ventilated Changing Rack with Foot Locker: #SMS-115-GL-2472-24-TDF

  • Body construction: Perforated sides
  • Construction: 16 gauge steel all-welded construction
  • Dimensions: 2′ Wide x 2′ Deep x 6′ High
  • Door construction: Perforated door with recessed T-handle and two keys
  • Interior: Coat rod with two side coat hooks
  • Security: Lockable top and bottom compartments featuring padlock lugs
  • Weight: 192 pounds

Model: Clubhouse Resort Lockers: #SMS-39-UW3582-1A-W-RO

  • Construction: 34/” bare sliced red oak plywood
  • Dimensions: 3’9″ Wide x 1’6″ Deep x 6′ High
  • Door construction: Furniture-grade red oak plywood, red oak veneer, and three coats of lacquer
  • Hinges: Concealed European-style hinge
  • Interior: Coat rods, hat shelf, and clothing hooks
  • Opening: Single Tier Wardrobe Lockers
  • Weight: 284 pounds

When facilities have expert designers on staff, they can integrate gym storage lockers into their existing building’s design. Implementing gym lockers into an existing facility requires several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Creating specs after a thorough site evaluations
  2. Creating and presenting CAD drawing and plans
  3. Project integration within an existing footprint
  4. Installation of gym lockers

Incorporating Gym Lockers and Athletic Storage Solutions

Southwest Solutions Group® leads innovations for gym storage lockers and athletic storage designs and installations. Send us a message to contact one of our team’s design experts call us at 1-800-803-1083 today. They’ll walk you through the best locker solutions for your facility.

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